So a Muslim told me

This was about last year and it came to my mind now.

I’m Catholic and ik i may get biased answers as I’m on a catholic forums site but anyways. Last year during the time of Ramadan, I had two Muslim friends that were supposed to be fasting that time(like any other Muslim) and then they broke their fast in the middle of the day… so me and another Christian friend told them, guys you can’t do that you were doing so well for your fast, and then they went off at us like you guys don’t understand you guys don’t fast for lent, your not Muslim blah blah blah blah.

So then after, one of the Muslim friends, whilst we were all sitting down during lunch, one of them decided to talk about how this famous Muslim philosopher (idrk if he was a philosopher but I know he was important in the Muslim community I’m guessing) she said how this guy said that in the Muslim community being Christian (she was aiming right at me and my friend) was a sin and that we’ll all go to hell and then she said right to our faces: Haha, you guys are going to hell.

Now I’m not going to say she’s a bad Muslim or anything like that, because I am not a person to judge and I forgive her for saying that wether it is true or not. We really don’t know what the true religion is, do you get what I mean? But anyways.

I felt like it was so rude and I’ve seen other people do this (Muslim or not) and I feel like people shouldn’t be saying that. I’ve gotten over this but sometimes today it worries me.

What are your opinions on this?

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The person was rude.
There are many people of other faiths who will tell you that Catholics are going to hell.
Unfortunately, there are also Catholics who would rudely tell a Muslim or a person of some other non-Catholic faith that he was going to hell for not being Catholic.

We don’t know who’s going to hell and who isn’t.
Pray for people who are rude to you and don’t act like they do.


I think there was rudeness on both parts. If you do not know anything about Islam you are not in a position to criticise Muslims about their practice of their faith. Their response was certainly not the best but it was relatively normal. This is how humans generally react to criticism. They do not like it and they become offensive.

I would recommend that you examine your own actions and think about how you communicate with people. I do believe their response was rather puerile and similar to the way primary school children name call. But, you stuck a stick in the hornets’ nest so should not be too surprised when the hornets get angry.


Muslims are demanded to be violent against the worshippers of the Holy Trinity (us, Christians) according to their Koran. If they are not violent it is because of their personal goodness not their religion. Their religion is violent against us and for hundreds of years the Otoman Empire created martyrs by killing Christians.


I somewhat agree with that. I am no Muslim and I’m no expert when it comes to Islam, I should’ve mentioned this before but beforehand (idk like a day or two before) we were all talking about (at the time me and my friends were a mix of Muslims and Catholics/Christians) what to do for Ramadan and how you shouldn’t do so and so, but yea I had and still have no right to judge…

Really? That is something new I’ve learnt/heard from the Quran…

It sounds like they were still annoyed with you because of your unkind, possibly even rude, remark about eating during Ramadan, and they wanted their revenge.


Hm, that could be true, it probably felt like we were judging them…

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It was extremely inappropriate of them. As far as I’m concerned, it’s fair game to tell someone that what they’re doing is contrary to the tenets of their own faith (fasting during Ramadan).


Especially since I believe the OP was trying in an encouraging way to persuade his friends not to break the fast, as they had been doing so well.


That’s the impression I got too. The OP was encouraging his friends in their spiritual practice. If he misunderstood the rules, they could have easily said, “We don’t need to fast today because blablabla”.

If I eat a burger on a Friday and my friend sees me and says, “I thought you Catholics didn’t eat meat on Friday, should you be eating that?” it’s easy for me to say, “It’s not a Friday in Lent, so in USA, not eating meat is optional today.” I wouldn’t say “You’re not a Catholic, so you’re going to Hell.”


I don’t have one .


There are people on this site who have directly said the same, on this site, to Eastern Orthodox who come here . . .

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What’s the point of saying that?

…which unfortunate propensity of Catholics I did note in the exact next sentence of the post that I quoted…

And in fact these same people on this same forum here seem to take delight in telling other Catholics that they are probably going to hell.

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As near as I can tell, to show that one knows more than the last several popes, and is thus free to laugh in the face of their teaching . . . :slight_smile:

I gave up on this site in disgust several times over the years, after being incorrectly lectured about my obligations as a Eastern Catholic (again, in direct violation of papal teaching on the issues at hand . . .)

“charity” is quite often completely lacking. The newer moderation system has made things much better . . . yet the trolls and the friends of Sister Bertha Better Than You are still about . . .

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Oh, I don’t just mean making the statement about non-catholics; I’m thinking of a particular exchange where the “Catholic:” told the “Orthodox” that he was in mortal sin over the schism, and cited documents to state that this meant he, the specific individual, was damned . . .

Where in the Qur’an does it say this…and what is the context?

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I really dislike when people say such things about one another.

No matter what people’s religion is, I don’t think people should just say “since you are not my religion all of you are going to hell!” It’s so rude, in my opinion because it’s not like some people know any better, you know? Some people were born into that religion or converted to it…

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