So, Am I Still a Catholic?


Hi! I know! If you have to ask, then maybe you’re not. Right?

But I went to mass and confession for the first time in my adult life awhile ago. I explained to the priest I left the Church as a teen years ago and never looked back. I asked if there were classes or something I should take to become a Catholic.

He said that since I was baptised by a priest as an infant and confirmed in the faith when I was young, I didn’t need to do any of that. No worries. I was still a Catholic.

Not trying to question what the priest said. Just trying to understand how this is true. I mean I’m pretty familiar with Evangelical doctrine and a good deal of scripture, but I’ve forgotten more about Catholicism than my Evangelical Frieda might ever know! So, I’m uncertain about a great many Catholic beliefs.

I guess what I’m asking is this: Is it the sacraments that make me a Catholic and not putting faith in the doctrines I comprehend?


You are still a member of the body of Christ. You never stopped being one. Now that you are back home, you can live that out more fully, and return completely to the Holy Mother Church. Get yourself a copy of the Baltimore Catechism to catch up on the doctrine you may have missed over the years. God Bless!


Indwelling of the Holy Spirit makes a Catholic more than explicit comprehension of doctrine since God isn’t limited by our comprehension.


You were Baptized a Catholic so you are still Catholic. However, you are a Catholic who does not know his faith. I would recommend asking your priest if you could attend the RCIA program at your Church to help you relearn and understand the Catholic faith a little better.

Welcome Home,

God Bless


Yes, you are still Catholic. If you’d like to learn more, consider taking RCIA classes. They start in the fall and are open to everyone in most parishes.


Once you are baptized a Catholic, you are a basic Catholic.

Once you have received the other sacraments - Confession, Holy Eucharist, and Confirmation - you’re considered a full member of the Church because you would have had to receive some instruction to get those sacraments.

If you then decide to leave the Church, you’re a fallen-away Catholic.

If you decide to come back, all you have to do is make a good confession and then faithfully practice your faith (as in, Mass every Sunday and on holy days of obligation, abide by Church teachings etc) going forward.

So yes, you are a Catholic and you were still a Catholic the whole time you were away.


Get a current Catechism rather than a Baltimore Catechism. It’s better for you to be up to date on what the Church is currently teaching.

You can get a Baltimore later, when you’re better grounded.


I learned a ton about Catholicism from Catholic radio. There are lots of great books out there as well! Plenty of ways to grow into your faith and understand things more fully.


Welcome home! So happy to hear you found your way back. Everyone here has given great advice, but I just wanted to express my joy as well. May the Holy Spirit continue to help guide your way always!


Yes you are and welcome home. God bless you :pray:


Yes, this. The current official Catechism is right on the Vatican website. (It doesn’t yet have the Pope’s change to CCC 2267 incorporated as I write this, but otherwise it’s up to date)



Welcome home to Rome and never more to roam :smile:


Thank you!


Thanks much!


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OK. Thank you


Yeah, that’s what the priest said. I was surprised he didn’t think the classes were necessary.


Got it! Thanks


Yeah, I believe there’s a Catholic radio station in my area


Thanks for the link!

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