So angry right now


Just a bit of a rant about medical workers!!!

My birth mom died of breast cancer when she was 24 after fighting the disease first at the age of 21 having one breast removed and secondly when she hit 23 from which she eventually died. This I knew, I also knew this made me more of a risk!!!

I recieved an appt at a hospital about an hour away to meet someone in the genetics dept, I arrive and it turns out that this is Christies a specialist cancer hospital filled with people who have cancer undergoing treatment, I went and had my appointment te doctors starts the appointment saying ‘You are extremely high risk’ she continues this by explaining she had been researching my birth mom and family for some time (who gave her permission???) and that I was deemed exceptionally highrisk owing to several young female family members contracting and dying of the disease - I know very little about my birth family.

Then she tells me that I will be put on a list for a mammogram when I reach 30 but given the young age at which women contract the cancer in my family this might not be of use, then she suggests I consider surgery and that I discuss it in the future with her.

I am only 21 I feel it was very insenstive to break this news in this way did i need to go to a cancer unit to hear im high risk and they cant do anything?? How dare a doctor know more about my birth family than me? I feel exhausted in under a month Ive had doctors trying to take my ovaries and now my breasts - I just feel less than a woman right now.

Im also upset my mom dies at 24, she was the mother of four children and only 3 years older than me - Im terrified that I could have cancer before Ive even started my life! I dont know how much more I can take!


I’m so sorry. It sounds hard to go through. Adoption laws are very controversial because of situations like this.
To learn your mother died young must be scary.
I hope you find a source of medical care that is staffed by more sensitive poeple.


I’m really sorry that you are going through all of this! I’m in the health field, but not in an area that would deal with this, but appalled that someone would handle a situation like this in this way! I’m a little confused though, did you make an appointment with the cancer center or did they contact you? I’m just wondering if your birth mother and her family released all of their information to this cancer center for research and that’s why they know so much :shrug: I’m sorry that you’re going through this at your young age!


I got sent to another genetics dept by my GP the genetics dept then sent me to them???

Its just so annoying!


When it comes to your health any information is a good thing. While they were oviously insensitive, you did get some information be thankful your doctor took the time, some won’t.

Please consider getting good insurance before you get a diagnosis. You wouldn’t want a pre existing condition preventing you from getting good insurance.


I do have private insurance but being from the UK this is really an NHS issue as far as Im aware this sort of service isnt covered under my policy.

Its not the fact that Im high risk that bothers me to be honest I was aware I was at isk although not to the extent. Its the insensitive nature, the fact she knew and had studied my family and the fact that in less than a month doctors want my ovaries and my breasts!!!


The real question I see is: why are they delaying a mammogram for YEARS if you’re such high risk!?!?!?!? Get a second opinion!! That doc is obviously a jerk anyway. Find someone else.


Apparently they cant do mammorgrams on the under 30’s?? Not too sure why to be honest I had to beg for a smear a couple of years back because they arent done on the under 25’s??

I was told that a mammogram wont show much in a young person? I may need to investigate this further!!

This is why I hate doctors!! They never seem to have any answers just problems!

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