So are U2 Catholic?

I can pick up some religious lyrics to some of their songs. Plus Bono always has his rosary on (which of course is controversial; he could be wearing it because he’s religious, or because some people do it to disrespect the religion) and yadayadayada. But i can’t find a straight answer anywear.

Bono wears the Rosary because it was given to him by Pope john Paul II, it’s a treasured item to him.
I don’t know about the other three members, but I know for a fact that Bono is not Catholic, nor is her Protostant. Growing up in Ireland when the Catholics and Protostants were sworn enemies, he chose not to choose either side, so i guess you could call him non-denominational. He likes both churches, and I’d say that most of him beliefs sound more Catholic.
He is very religious though, I’ve heard him quote the Bible many times in interviews, and there are Christian themes in their songs a lot of the time.
He’s one of my mordern day heros.

So wouldn’t that prove that catholics are allowed to wear rosaries? Wouldn’t Pope John Paul II say something if he disagreed? I know that’s off topic but i’m just wondering because it’s always conflicted.

I have heard many times on CA Live by priests and bishops that you can wear a rosary if you are doing it with the proper disposition on it (ie not trying to protest something, wrong reasons etc.)


As far as I know - basing my experience of the Hispanic & Anglo-Hiberno culture - the reason for English or Irish Catholics opposing the wearing of the rosary is based on the Catholic persecutions. In Ireland being caught with a rosary was NOT a good thing. As a result they developed the penal rosary and - at least I think - the prohibition on wearing the rosary.

All in all I don’t think that there is anything wrong with wearing a rosary per se.


Ok thanks. I’ve always been hesitant to wear one because on a website i used to go on to get prayers and other things it said you’re not allowed to. It wasn’t like an official church approved sight or anything i don’t think. (if they even have those)
But thanks for the answers guys.

Bono was raised in a mixed Catholic-Protestant household (one parent was one of each). He’s sort of a generic Christian, now.

In the early days, I believe it was The Edge who got together some other band-mates and did Bible Study after each concert. So The Edge may be more actively affiliated with a particular Christian tradition – which one? I have no idea.

You should read Saint Louis de Montfort’s Secret of the Rosary – in that book he actually encourages the wearing of the Rosary:

Thirtieth Rose: “Confraternity Privileges” *
…Number 8: Those who openly wear the Holy Rosary out of devotion and to set a good example may gain one hundred days’ indulgence.

There may be other mentions of wearing it but this was the first one I found when looking it up.

Read it anyway though, a great and inspiring book.

I believe that Larry was raised Catholic. Bono, as you say, was from a mixed Catholic-Protestant family. He was raised Anglican (Church of Ireland). The Edge is some kind of Protestant - not sure what kind. Adam was a non-believer when the band started. He may still be.

Catholic/Protestant divisions are not nearly as big an issue in the Republic of Ireland as they are in the North. In the Republic, some of the greatest nationalist heroes were Irish Protestants who struggled (and often died) to free Ireland from British control. Their contribution has not been forgotten by Irish Catholics.

I dunno what they are, but they make ****** music.

I can’t remember where it was, but I read recently that Bono kind of flips back and forth with religion. Sometimes, he is Catholic and sometimes he practices other religions.

Whichever religion he decides to follow, I just hope he and U2 keep making fantastic music!

lol, this topic ressurects itself as often as one a freemason vs Catholicism topic.
From what I’ve read and what has been covered before zerocrossing has it right.
There was a book that came out about celebrities an their religion in which I believe it states Bono was raised Anglican.
As for U2 being exclusively Catholic, no.
You could say they are a music group in which the member are Christian.
When they first came out they were regarded as such.
To what degree they upheld their Christianity is up for debate.

To answer the original question, my personal opinion is “no, U2 is not Catholic”. The group as a whole seems to have fairly disparate ideas on God and religion. For the most part they seem to stay as ambiguous as possible regarding their religious views. I love the band, love their music and have almost every CD out there. I have a subscription to website, and have the book “U2 By U2”. I did some searching through those, but I couldn’t find anything pointing at the band’s religious preference. I ran across some (very) dated articles on line. One from several years ago at Beliefnet talks about some of Bono’s religious views, but again, doesn’t get into too much detail.

All I know is their music really moves me. I can listen to them all day long and never get tired of them. I’m sure I’ll catch some flack for this… but… Best Band EVER! :slight_smile:

I am not aware of any of the members of U2 going to any church. The story was they were going to a non-denom church and got thrown out for contents in their music and such. THey thought it judgemental and never went back to any church. Bono has a catholic father but has not chosen to go back to church he is one of those lone christians who does the religion without a church a very bad trend in my opinion. But considering the Catholic and Protestant wars and terrorism perhaps its understandable to a point.

As far as wearing a rosary St Rose of Lima is often depicted wearing a Rosary in Latin America it is not considered offensive in any way. I think posters who link the disrespect due to catholic persecution in Great Britian might be on to something as the clergy might have made some err man made traditions as to why they didn’t wear rosaries as sometimes is done by some Frenchmen and Latin Americans. If one should wear it for cosmetic purposes only it could be disrepsectful but you could say the same thing about wearing a crucifix or cross as many celebrities use this religious symbol as a decorative symbol.

lol I heard an interview with Bono being asked his opinion on the
U2charist* and he admitted to being flattered of course but he clearly aligned himself with the catholic faith and said he was slightly uncomfortable too but that his feelings were mixed. And he has often spoke of the respect he had for John Paul the great so I would say that if he is on the fence, he has lost his balance and is leaning to one side!

*an episcopal service now adopted by other denominations in England though now spreading into Ireland which uses music by u2 instead of traditional hymns

Brief article by Christopher West on God, sex and Bono. Strong catholicity.

Amen. I’ve read that Bono is so religious that he sometimes annoys the rest of the band. ANyway, almost all of their songs have a religious meaning to them.

(U2 factiod - they end every concert with the song “40” which is inspired by Psalm 40).

Isn’t their performance of 40 awsome. I have their concert dvd from the Virtigo tour, and thats my favorite performance. It’s one of my favorite songs by them.
I know Bono has his flaws, but I think the good he does out weighs them.

I’m a big U2 fan. I can’t think of too many people in the entertainment industry that do more for others.

Same here. I proudly wear my ONE wristband all the time.
I also support Project RED.

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