So evidently my dad got Sealed

My Grandpa is Mormon, and my dad was sealed to him. He converted to Catholicism about 18 years ago after marrying my mother (a cradle Catholic). He was baptized a Lutheran at birth and was never a Mormon. Does he need to get the sealing undone? How? Does it affect my mother, my brother, and myself? Thanks!

If it really bothers you I guess you could contact the local Mormon church and ask how/if you can get unsealed. I know that women that get divorced can do it but not sure about parents and children.

A bigger question is why would you bother? The only people who believe in sealing are Mormons, it really doesn’t have anything to do with anyone outside of the Mormon church. Since you, your father, your mother, and your brother are all Catholic it doesn’t effect you at all. As far as Catholic Church is concerned sealing, like proxy baptism, doesn’t do anything.

Mormons do not believe familial connections survive death, so in order to preserve them they “seal” familial relationships so they last through eternity. Seals happen at marriage and children born from those marriages are automatically sealed.

To ask to be unsealed would probably be the biggest “screw you” you could do and would cause huge familial rifts. Seems like the best thing to do is to just ignore it. If you don’t buy into the Mormon thing there doesn’t seem to be a need to get worked up about something you don’t believe in the first place.

just break it in the name of Jesus like you would break any soul tie:thumbsup:

It really has nothing to do with you and has no effect on anything, including your father. If for some reason it really bothers him, then he could call them about it. But I don’t see any reason to do anything other than ignore it.

More accurately, there is no “it” to ignore.
If I pronounce words transforming your mother into a microwave oven, it wouldn’t make sense to try to have that transformation undone, but it would make sense to ignore that some people think any change had taken place.

How would it cause huge familial rifts since it sounds like only 1 grandfather is Mormon? It also sounds like the Mormon grandfather didn’t follow his churches guidelines in submitting names for ordinances, but they are generally disrespectful in these situations. There is not much to be done about it though, just chalk it up to bad behavior on the man’s part probably due to a lack of grace (grace in both it’s secular and religious meaning)

This “Sealing” is a figment of their imagination and has the same amount of influence in your life as any other figment of someones imagination. Avail yourselves of the sacraments and allow the grace of God to work in your life.


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