So exciting! May have a chance to get back home!

This is SOOOO exciting. Trying not to get hopes up too high, but would love prayers.

My husband might have a chance to get us back home! Same company, but at the home location.

**Please pray that if this is in God’s will, that they call him for an interveiw, and he obtain the job. **

**It would be SOOO good to get back home as my familiy has lots of needs right now. **

**Prayers please! And thanks so much! Blessings to you and yours! **

WOW! Prayers to get you “Back Home again…in Indiana.”

Lord, please aid Your faithful follower Convert in 99, so that they can go back home again. Please guide and help her husband in his attempt to get the employment he desires. In Jesus’ name ai Pray. Amen! :signofcross:

:gopray: Praying that God has plans for you to return to Indiana soon!

Praying that you can return and be near your family in time of their need.


Praying for you and your husband, Convert.

I will hope and pray that this will unfold happily for you

Thank you all so much for your (continued) prayers, love and support!

Will keep you posted if we learn more about the job.

**God bless you and yours! **

Extra prayers, specifically for your desires to return home. =)

**My husband did not get either job he applied for. Please continue to pray for us as we are looking in earnest for additional income.

Thanks so much! God bless you! :slight_smile: **

Oh, I am sorry to hear that news, Convert! You both must feel so disappointed. But God has something even better for you both. Praying for your husband to find the job that’s *right for him *(you may also want to ask St. Anthony’s intercession–he helped my DH find a good job a couple of years ago). :signofcross:

This must go hard on you both. Remember that God has a plan…as I read someone in some thread very wisely stated…Faith and trust does not mean that we do not feel disappointments and let downs most keenly…
Continuing to keep your husband in prayer with St. Joseph The Worker…

Praying for you both…

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