SO frustrated! (Super Vent


I am trying very hard to control my emotions right now. Earlier today my fiance’ and I were heading out the door when a man came up and started preaching to us. He asked what religion we are and proceeded to bash every single organized religion!

He kept talking about how the Pope has added things to God’s word, the mormons have taken away things from the bible, etc. etc. Every time I tried to speak up he would talk right over me. He talked only to my fiance’ (a recent convert) and wouldn’t even make eye contact with me so I could argue my case!

I stepped away for a moment to collect my thoughts and while I was gone he apparently told Tim (my fiance’) very quietly “If I were you, I would get out of the catholic church as soon as possible”. It was RIDICULOUS!!! I can’t even explain how much he upset me. I guess I just needed to vent, thank you for listening


Aw, sorry that happened to you felicity. It can be frustrating when people speak non truths about our faith. The best thing we can do in these instances, if someone will not permit us to speak, and just talks right over us–is pray for them. Pray that they will be enlightened to the Truth. I can’t think of any other Christian faith, or any other organized faith, that takes such a verbal beating from people, other than the Catholic faith. Jesus said that the world would hate us, as it hated Him, so I guess we must always be prepared for battles, than embraces. Hang in there–and continue to defend the faith.:knight2:



Have dealt with many a person like you described. Best advice from me is don’t let them get to you.


was the man a Jehovah’s Witness? look up the Kingdom Hall number in the phone book and call them–in the morning or a Sunday or a Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday evening about 7:15pm and ask to speak to an elder. Then report the man for being rude—that is unacceptable even to them–and ask that your house be noted as a DO-NOT-CALL on the territory card.
The “message” sounds like JWs but the approach does not, maybe it was a JW crazy, in which case you need to tell someone about it.


That STINKS! I hate that kind of stuff. Though I would agree, most JWs who have come to my door are not rude.

I was once stalked by a cult called the Boston Church of Christ. I was in HS and new in the neighborhood. I was invited to a (supervised) Valentine’s Day party and my brother and I went so that we could meet others our age. We got there and they started whipping out the Bible, holding hands, and all this stuff.

Then the questions started… When I said I was Catholic they pressed HARD CORE about how I should leave the Catholic Church… I was going to Hell, this and that… They also said I was reading the WRONG bible. Anyway, I told them (even back then) that I was quite happy with my religion and was not going to change. They then called every single night to bother me - they even had some of the other teens call. It was TERRIBLE. My mother finally got on the phone and threatended them (not with violence, but she’d call the police, etc…). They are a crazy bunch!


Always have a few RC leaflets handy; ask them to read them & with a Big Smile close the door. If they persist an offer of Holy Water usually makes them flee!!

You’ve already got the answer so why should you be upset? You wouldn’t engage with a looney or get upset by him. So adapt the same attitude with these guys.

Tell them politely "Thanks but No thanks."
Remeber if you offer it up , you get a lot more graces than bitching about it.


So what does Tim think of the ordeal?

I always held Catholics in high esteme (sp?) and the only “Catholic Bashing” I ever heard was about the BC thing. So it was a surprise to me when I told some coworkers that I had converted that they started trying to get me to come to their church instead.

I certainly hear more about the anti-Catholicism than I experience it. But I’m considering talking to my kids about it.


:frowning: The JW never come around by my place anymore, they don’t seem to be well prepared to deal with anyone trained in Logic. BTW when I raise my voice then use a firm tone and ask for them not to interrupt they tend to allow me to speak my piece.


Thanks for the advice. That day we went to a wedding and I did pray for this sad man. The pamphlet he was handing out was from a christian fellowship church, not JW (he bashed them too).

Tim was just as upset as I was if not more. He mentioned as the man was leaving that the bible also says Judge not…That’s when the guy left.

That was the first time anything like that had happened to me so I was taken aback and bewildered, now I think I’m a bit better prepared


Sounds like you have met my older brother. He is a “tramp for Jesus”. You do not happen to live in the southern Missouri do you?


Haha no I’m in New Mexico actually. They must be everywhere


When I was still in the process of converting to the Church I had someone come up and start talking ‘at’ (not to) me like this. When I could see that they were not going to get out of my face or back down anytime soon I turned to the side, crossed myself, and started to pray silently. This shocked them a bit and they let up. I could feel myself getting frustrated with the situation and decided to pray to myself instead of ‘awarding’ that person’s actions by listening to them. It worked out and the person left me alone.

This is the only experience i’ve had with a person like that.

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