So funny - teasing my son


Hi everyone!
I have to type this fast before my son comes in the house.
This past Sunday at mass one of the readiings was the wedding at Cana.
When mass was over and we had sung the last song the organist played the song one hears right after the bride and groom get married.
You know the one.
They play it as the couple walk down the isle.
Anyways I have a preteen son who is very senstive about private matters and who just had sex education last spring in school to top it off.
When I heard this song playing I said to him does this mean we’re married now?
He became a little upset and said mom what are you saying. You are strange mom.
Okay so I tease him from time to time.
But I thought this was funny as he reacted the way he did and I just wanted to share it.
Take care everyone…


Such a sweet son :slight_smile: (I’d probably say the same thing to my mom “you’re so weird mum” lol)


Treasure these moments!!! I have 2 boys ages 19 and 17. The oldest was always my “buddy” we did everything together from the time he was a baby. From taking him to work (and he actually saved my life there when he was 5 yo) to going to college classes with me when he was 12, we have always joked around together and played practical jokes. It stopped for about a year when he was going through puberty :frowning: and resumed again when his hormones leveled out. :slight_smile: Last year I got married and we teased him about giving away his mom… Of course he turned it on me saying he would be glad to give me away providing he could get it in writing that I couldn’t be given back. (No, he didn’t give me away, he was the best man… we were just teasing him) Next month we are both going to a seminar for our respective jobs together…

The 17 yo was always alot less open with me until he hit puberty. Now we are very close too. He called me Sunday (he was out with friends and so was I) to tell me he did something stupid… he bought a rat!!! Totally without asking but he was so cute when he called me and said, “Mom, I may have done something really stupid.” His friends were all laughing in the background saying, “May have?” So anyway, I asked him what he may have done, of course fearing that there were policemen involved. He tells me about the rat, then in his best little boy voice (in front of his friends mind you) and says, “I love you mommy!” It was so hard to stay mad!! I live for these moments! Of course sometimes others don’t appreciate the humor between us… like the people that thought my son was serious when (at 16 yo) he raised his voice in a store and said, “Where are you taking me and where are my parents?” I about clobbered him! People were staring at me like I was kidnapping him. He loves to embarass me like that in public!

The funny thing is I have a brother just like him… he used to do things like that to me too… like when he called me mom and my boyfriend dad at the mall when he was 5 ( I was 15 and bf was 17) I got stares as people tried to do the math… hmm kid is about 5, girl can’t be more than 16 and her bf can’t even be 19 yet. So, this brother of mine teaches the kids to say (very publicly) Mommy why can’t we see daddy anymore?

I think that I must just be the type that boys think is fun to pick on… Of course I get them back too. Like asking them if they have gotten rid of that nasty rash in front of girls they are flirting with, or just messing with their computers. One time I installed shy icons, a program that makes the desktop icons move when the mouse pointer comes near. Life is too short to not enjoy having fun with your kids!


LOL! Brothers! Yours sounds like mine. My husband wants to give our son a brother but I’m not sure I can handle 2 boys! I have 3 girls and one boy right now. We find ways to mess with the kids that won’t scar them for life too.

But sometimes they turn the jokes around on us when we least expect it. When my oldest turned 7 we just bought our house and I was pregnant with our second daughter. For her birthday we told her we couldn’t afford to buy her a gift because we just got the house and needed to save for the baby. She opened her present to find a rock we took out of our yard. We thought she’d be disappointed then we’d give her the real gifts.

She was so happy about getting that rock she wanted to go outside and wash it off with the hose so she could decorate it…

So we let her.

After she came in we gave her her gifts and she was genuinely surprised.

She’s almost 13 now and still has that rock, and won’t let her brother or sisters touch it.

Funny how kids can be sometimes isn’t it?


It gets easier after 3 kids… Trust me, you can handle it!!! I have 2 boys 2 girls… they are a riot together. The 15 yo daughter quite often clashes with the 17 yo son… but they get along sooooo well when they are plotting against mom!!! And, out in public they are buddies too, just seems they fight at the house.


He is a sweet boy…thanks!!!


Good for you that you know how to have fun with yours too!
And you’ll have to tell me how your son saved your life when he was five! I’m curious now!
I do have fun with Nick (my son). I remember about a year ago he had a friend over and during that time I told him i love you. And he said mom we have company!
So funny!
Or I was stetched out in our recliner and he was standing at the foot of the recliner. He was weariing a pair of those baggy basketball shorts and somehow my foot ended up between his leg and the shorts. He said mom…WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Needless to say that was during sex ed at school. He is in public school and that was the end of the fifth grade school year.
I still laugh about that.
Of course there have been the many times when he started getting real silly at the grocery store and I have told him right then and there…if you don’t stop, i’m taking you back!
We always got a laugh out of that.
And some looks.
And some smiles.
I love being a mom and feel so blessed that God allowed me to be one!!!


That is so precious!
What a sweetheart!!


We sound like two peas in a pod… And here I thought I was unique! So funny to hear you talk about taking your kids back. I used to do that all the time until they thought I was serious. I used to always say if I could just find the receipt for them I would take them back. Then on the 4th of July we went to a carnival and they stamped your hand as you paid… they referred to the stamp as your receipt. As soon as they said that I looked at the kids and said, “Ah ha! now I have a receipt, I can take you back!” Unfortunately they took me seriously and started crying… I felt like the biggest jerk in the world, and I never made the return the kids joke again.

Oh… the saving life story:
Luke is my oldest and like I said we were buddies. I would take him to work with me especially when I was on-call. One day I got called out to fix a piece of equipment in the middle of the runway infield. It was cold and icy out, and I had to climb into the back of the pickup to reach the equipment I was fixing. So there I was standing in the bed of the pick-up, trying to replace this freezing cold part. Luke had unrolled the window so he could watch and chat as I worked. I slipped on ice in the bed of the truck and went flying. God only knows how but Luke was able to grab my jacket and hang on. I looked down from where I was suspended and of course about 4 feet straight down from my head is a concrete pad and ice. I was screaming for him to hold on… and he did while I worked my legs back over the side of the truck bed, where I promptly collapsed in exhaustion and just sat there dazed. If I had fallen out of the truck, I would have split my head open with no one there to pick me up and drive me to the hospital… and he would have been alone in the middle of the infield on a weekend and nobody would have noticed anything wrong for hours.


awesome story


These stories remind me of an uncle of mine. When he was a child, going to Catholic school, he told his teacher his parents kept him locked in a cage in the basement. So an outraged Priest shows up at my Grannys door to demand an explaination.
What a brat, my Gran, who was a sweetheart, was totally humiliated. He’s in his 80’s now and still likes to pull everyones leg. He pulled alot of childhood pranks, but I think that’s the only one I can actually put here without getting reported to the moderators.:eek:


Same kid that saved my life pulled a good one in 4th grade. It seems he decided homework was not worth his time. When the teacher asked why he wasn’t doing his homework… he just said my mom is a drug addict. So I get called into school to talk to the teacher and she tells me this… I call him into the room and ask, “Why did you tell your teacher I am a drug addict?” His reply, “Well mom, you smoke cigarettes.” They had just learned in health class that cigarettes were drugs… So I look at him and ask, “And why does my smoking cigarettes keep you from doing homework?” He replies, “I never said that was why. I just said you were a drug addict.” I never wanted to kick his little hiney more than at that moment! The teacher was sooo embarassed! I told her I appreciated the courage she had to confront me about my “Drug addiction.”


oh oh!! this guy is way too good!!! :smiley: :smiley: :eek:


That guy is 19 yo and just came up to my work (he lives 17 miles south) just to see if his mommy needed any help at work. No kidding… He is so incredibly thoughtful! He doesn’t get paid when he helps me… he just does it because we like each others company.


Hey…sometimes you DO need a receipt. Unless its Walmart!!! Your son sounds pretty cool! He’s your guardian angel!!! There was the time I had one of my migraines and was pracitally immobilized. My son was about 4 and was scared and called 911. These days he would probably not care too much! I’m just saying that because he is a preteen and loves to be sarcastic. I’m just venting a little.
Anyways, I try to keep in mind the good that is in him.
And all the memories too!!!


What a stinker!!!
Hey…it’s like there was this priest at my parish and I was going to confession with Him regularly, like every month. Anyways after mass one day I was standing there talking to him and a little two year old runs around the corner and trips on my large (size 12) foot and goes flying. The child wasn’t hurt but this priest and I got a laugh out of it. I said well I just tripped a small child…do I need to confess that?
Take care…


So funny!
It’s like I take several prescriptions and one day I was thinking of how blessed I am that I am able to do just that.
And keep in mind my son had just been educated on drug addiction at school also.
So as I was thinking I said outloud to myself "drugs are nice!!!"
To which my son replied "EXCUSE me?"


Wow I hope my son comes back to the “land of nice” someday like yours!


I must be a stick-in-the-mud. This is too Oedipal for me. :hmmm:
But then I’m a guy.


I can picture the whole thing and know I wouldn’t have been able to hold the laugh in myself.
The thing I like most about the story of my uncle is that it was about 72 years ago, way before boys had Bart or even Our Gang, to copy!

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