So God's favourite planet is Earth?


He chose the Middle East, Israel, planet earth to reveal himself to human beings.
Does that make all those other planets/galaxies less important?


what makes you think earth is the only planet with life created by God?


We can’t say that because we don’t know what He has done in those other planets/galaxies.


We can’t really say that.


But the human race are obviously a priority.

Or has He made covenants on other planets?


Well, considering that Earth is where humans, who are made in the image and likeness of God, and who are the summit of God’s creation, originated… yeah?


It’s God. He could literally prioritize every single molecule in the galaxy simultaneously without breaking a sweat.


It’s quite possible God HAS revealed Himself to other beings on other planets. What’s more, He may actually prefer those beings to us. In Out of the Silent Planet, the first novel in C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy, the inhabitants of Malacandra, the Old Solar name for Mars, are shown to be unfallen, peace-loving creatures incapable of understanding theft, murder and other grievous sins. Over the course of the Trilogy, Earth and her Moon are revealed to be enveloped in spiritual darkness due to their fallen state. Food for thought, certainly.


How would we know?


Every alien I have talked with so far has recognized God plan for them only. Every alien race I have personally contacted has a different story about their salvation plan.

I didn’t ask them whether God thought they were the favorite ones.

That was a while ago. Tesla stole my interplanetary communicator.


Mary is above the rest of creation so I guess that Earth would be more important if you subscribe to that train of thought.


I heard a talk once by a priest. He said God created the universe as a gift to the Son. That the universe was created to provide a place for man to reside. Because man was a gift to the Son from the Father, when man rebelled and lost their chance for salvation, the Son wanted to redeem this precious gift. Food for thought.


Mind blowing isn’t it. And here we were in our little Earth bubble thinking God was just focussed on us. I think it shows that the reality of God is hugely different to how we imagine Him with our puny brains. And our limited revelations and scriptures. We only skim the surface. All will be revealed to me one day I reassure myself.


A truer word was never spoken. The reality of God is completely incomprehensible to us. The worst mistake I see people making is to anthropomorphise Him, as whenever they do that they invariably imbue Him with the human qualities they like best, no doubt to render Him comfortable and reassuring to themselves. But He is neither comfortable nor reassuring. Christ we can get something of a handle on, since he deigned to take on human form and walk among us. But God the Father, the fearsome, jealous, wrathful judge of the Old Testament? Frightening, inscrutable and ultimately unknowable. I could well be wrong about this. In fact, I pray that I am.


The problem being that it is nice to know who you’re praying to. The more relatable the better. otherwise, its just talking to a divine intelligence that finds it hard to take us seriously.


This is why the saints are such a blessing to us. We can relate to them far more easily and comfortably, since they are human like ourselves. I’ve a good friend who prays mainly to the saints for precisely this reason.


I spoke with Xcalandor of the planet Ceti Omicron VII in the Multara Quandrant last week and he told me that their “Adam and Eve” never at the apple because Xcalandorians are very distant relatives of the planet Earth region of China, and as Chinese many times removed, they ate the snake and not the apple. Xcalandor thinks God loves his planet more because the women on the planet all have three breasts and they are their backs. The planetary prime form of recreation is slow dancing. I’m kinda thinking X has a point :rofl::joy::wink::yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_


I like your responses. Interesting and shows you’ve explored the whole thing in depth.
Otherwise I find a lot of the posts on CAF are automated and robotic.


You’re very kind. I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, but I like to use what limited intellect I do have to ponder subjects that interest me, like theology. Reading good Christian writers like C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton helps clarify things for me. Thank you for all the thought-provoking threads you’ve started!


If we believe in the Word of God then this goes without saying.

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