So, how did your switch to DTV go today?

I am really disappointed. When I first heard about this big change I secretly hoped we wouldn’t have TV.
My husband will not pay for cable so I had hoped we wouldn’t pick up stations.
He did get one converter box.
We get 12 stations. That’s plenty.
Tv is a thief of time and closeness.
We have dial-up, works fine for visiting Catholic Answers and that’s all I need.
God peace to you.

BRA-VO, wynnejj ! Isn’t it amazing that the powers that be are so concerned about better reception and digital quality - DIGITAL quality…not QUALITY quality. Censorship? They’ve outlawed it.

DaleM -
Your quote too long to put here - but very good. In an age when we’re threatened with fines if we don’t properly recycle cans, plastics, paper and grass clippings - all on the correct days, mind you - they don’t seem to care about dumping lead on the environment.

Last Friday morning, I had a beautiful picture and wonderful reception with a rooftop antenna - on TVs in various parts of the house - no matter the location. Now? I have anger - but no television. Because they’ve stolen that simple entertaining diversion from me. Just plain ol’ simple T.V. I miss it so, and I fear purchasing a cable package since they include trashy stations - fearing I will offend God in the process even though I wouldn’t watch them.

Digital TV was “hyped” as the next best thing to “sliced bread.” It’s turned out to be worse than “burnt toast.” :smiley:

Those of us who view TV by “antennas only” have been deemed “non worthy” for reception since the digital signals only reach a short distance. The “powers that be (read govt.)” had to know this “fact” beforehand, and the signals do not even reach 22 miles (for me).

I lost about half of my channels even though I have a rooftop antenna and I live in a big city. There are no second story buildings near me for signal interference.

Hopefully, if enough people complain to the individual TV stations, they will build new high power DTV signal towers. I’ve emailed my local stations and told them that I no longer get their stations and also told them that my neighbors do not get them either since they are angry about it, too.

I don’t know much about all this digital tv hoopla, but I can tell you this. If you live in the southern part of Connecticut, and have had it with Cablevision cutting off EWTN at 6pm every night, get a digital tv run your cable line straight in and tune to 82-103 and You can get EWTN 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Once again something good comes from evil intentions.

Re 1: foreign channels are cheap to air, and provide advertising revenues

Re 3:
The old channel system used fairly wide chunks of bandwidth. Digital uses the same, but they can send about 5 channels worth of HD in the same bandwidth as one channel of NTSC. So, stations are permitted to subdivide their channels.

For example, in my area:
2.1 is KTUU in HD (480i)
2.2 is KTUU in Standard Def
both are in Channel 2’s alloted signal (which is actually now on bandwidth channel 10, rather than the channel 2 they were until the switch)

5.1 is KYES MyNetwork programming
5.2 is the Research Channel - no local ads, station apparently gets paid to carry it.
5.3 is Universal Sports. I’ve seen no local ads, but station apparently gets paid to carry it.
5.50 is campus radio. Just a black screen and music playing. Courtesy to the college radio.
5.51 is a radio station owned by KYES’s owners, being simulcast. Again, black screen and music.
All are broadcast on channel 5 frequencies. (They also are broadcast on channel 22.) They also still broadcast KYES on UHF NTSC on 14 and 16.

my wife works for 5.

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