So I got this phone

And well it’s from sprint, and according to this

it supports planned parenthood:(

it seems more like a direct donation and I’m having trouble deciding wether to keep and use it or tell my parents about it.

any thoughts?

IF the information can be confirmed, then you should probably tell your parents about it.

I’m confused. Is your cell phone service through Sprint or through Working Assets Wireless? The page you linked doesn’t say that Sprint supports Planned Parenthood, only that this Working Assets Wireless provides its service through Sprint.

at the bottom of the link:

**Sprint is the network provider only; your service is handled exclusively by Working Assets. Sprint is a trademark of Sprint Nextel.

my parents recently switched to sprint and gave my sister and I the same cell phones

should i let them know about this? i’ve told them about other companies (like time warner for cable) and my mom really seems to have had it with me and this:blush: I hope to discuss this with my Confessor soon.

In my opinion you are in a mode of thinking that slices and dices this boycotting of anything that even smells of PPH support way too fine. Your parents are not monsters I am sure and may have a much better sense of judgement in these matters. I don’t think they are leading you astray.

It may seem an exaggeration, but you are trending in the direction that if you found out that yams are used or at least were used as a source of the active ingredients in birth control pills you would not eat them, even if you enjoyed them. By the way that is a true fact, but eating yams will not have any effect on female fertility. :shrug:

I know that other things are more out of my control, but in this case the company seems rather happy to let everyone know where their money is going and it seems more direct than other things.

First off, I gotta say major props to you for standing up for your beliefs and doing what is right.

That said, it would appear that there is a direct link to Planned Parenthood and I would certainly bring up your concerns with your parents. Before you bring it to their attention, say a small prayer that God will be with you and help you in your choice of words. Maybe even have a couple of options handy for replacing them…(the phone company…not your parents :wink: )

Of all the cell phone programs, companies, plans, etc… surely you can find one more suitable for you.

Good Luck!


I have to ditto that thought…as good as it is to be concerned where your money goes…it will also drive us nuts to boycott every company or product out there that has some ties to a moral dilemma. Then we just end up: :banghead:

Choose your battles wisely.

I must admit, when i posted this i was hoping someone would say ‘your taking it too far’ or something so i wouldn’t have to confront my parents…so my motives aren’t so pure, if at all:( :blush:

here’s another link, be warned though, it has comments posted and I can’t garuntee their content will be appropriate

i think i will have to talk with my mother about it, though i could sure use some help and ideas. most of my family seems quite content with the new phones and i don’t really know how to effectively get my point across without getting that “here we go again” look

Ah, at least you’re honest…Careful whatcha wish for!:wink:

And I wouldn’t question your motives…it sounds to me like you’re on the right track. Especially with what you said about your mom getting sick of you bringing this stuff up to her. (or something like that in your original post)

Good Luck!

Planned Parenthood Wireless…oh my. Here is a quote from their promo website:

“The best part? After three months, they’ll refund your early termination fee, up to $175, making giving the one-fingered salute to Verizon totally painless to you.”

Does anyone else find it ironic that a cell phone company that is linked to Planned Parenthood touts refunding an “early termination fee”…:eek:

Not to mention that Sprint’s service reeks…but that’s another topic…thread…forum…

You still haven’t clarified whether or not your service is even being handled by Working Assets/Planned Parenthood Wireless or not. Just because they sell the same phone you received doesn’t mean that you have your service through them.

I’m another to say “props”!

I went through a similar dilemma when I found out about Starbucks. (They also support PP, and have a lot of philosophy and politics I’m not too crazy about, and even print statements attacking the reality of God and promoting immoral lifestyles on the side of the cups!) All in all, I decided that sacrificing my fraps were totally worth it.

On the other hand, I get where these posters are coming from. If you feel super strongly about this, then act. Find an alternative phone; tell your parents about said phone.

My mom, after being told about Starbucks, proceded to drive there and buy three $15 gift cards for Christmas not five minutes after the news flash! Don’t expect your parents to be on the exact same page. Tell them your concerns truthfully and from the heart, make known to them that your conscience just won’t let you keep the phone.

Otherwise, it may eat at you…

Good going!

Tell your parents about it and see if they can take it back and get you a different phone from another company.


At a certain point this goes too far.

Sprint sells blocks of time to regional and affinity companies. Those companies resell the Sprint service branded as their own.

One of those reselling companies supports Planned Parenthood.

If you have a phone that comes directly from Sprint, what’s the problem?

I think that we have already established in other threads that most companies have direct or indirect links to thinks you wouldn’t agree to.

OMGosh!!! Did you read the website?
When you join Planned Parenthood Wireless, you get more than excellent cellphone service from a trusted provider. You get the opportunity to support a cause that’s close to your heart every time you talk on the phone. That’s because 10% of your charges go directly to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, at no extra cost to you. So make the right choice – for choice – and raise your voice for reproductive rights.
Planned Parenthood Wireless is powered by Working Assets, the progressive phone company. Since 1985, Working Assets has raised more than $50 million for worthy nonprofits – and $1.6 million for Planned Parenthood alone.

You are right… direct donation to PP. Look how much they have raised… wow what will they think of next?

lol, I’m not so sure, it’s likely more of my scrupules, heavy conscience, feelings of obligation, or something. I probably should think more of the horrors that go on in pp to motivate me…

I checked, and I believe the phone I got is sprint vision phone m300 by samsung (that’s what’s printed on the users guide). I’m pretty sure it’s not the one on my first link, but I don’t know what plan mine uses or how it affects this.

It sounds like you have nothing to worry about. It sounds like you’re most likely getting your service through Sprint directly, not Planned Parenthood Wireless via Sprint.

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