So I have some tarot cards

  1. I used to collect tarot cards for the pretty art, and have a bunch of them stored in the garage. I kind of need some cash to pay off some bills - would it be permissible to sell them?

Before you answer “no, I should burn them all, because someone might use them” keep in mind, tarot cards’ original principal purpose was for card games, that was adapted over time into fortune telling. (I collected them primarily for the art/card games)

  1. Now change the tarot cards in question #1 into handguns. Now keeping how you answered #1 in mind, is the answer still “no, because someone might murder someone with it” despite having handguns having about as wiggle room for various purposes as tarot cards? (self-defense, sport shooting)


Unlike handguns, keeping occult items in one’s possession is spiritually hazardous, even if you don’t use them. Exchange handguns for “radioactive material” and you might have a better analogy.


Handguns aren’t immoral to use, though. Whereas tarot cards are.

To be more accurate, add to it that you would be selling the handguns to the taliban. The example would be something equal, they could either collect the item and store it or they would use it - and the “using” it will always be for something terrible. You wouldn’t take that chance.


Let’s not use the handgun analogy please. Many people collect tarot cards for the artwork. I say advertise them for “art lovers only please- not to be used as a tool of divination” and leave it at that. Probably sell them to someone over 18 if you’re concerned they will fall into impressionable hands.

While inadvisable, use of tarot cards can hardly be compared to suicide/homocide of a spirtual nature.

But people are killed, really killed, by handguns. Let’s not compare them.


Read Romans 14:13-23, pray about it and do what you feel is right in your heart.


The Church teaches that divination which includes the use of tarot cards is a mortal sin. A mortal sin brings about a spiritual death so the analogy in that regard is pretty accurate.


I was unaware that this is the Church’s teaching. That’s mighty strict! But since that is the accepted belief on this forum I will try to bear that in mind if a question like this comes up again. However, I stand by my original advice.


Just burn them, for the love of the Lord.


Dear OP:

You may have made a wee mistake in comparing tarot cards to handguns.

Here in the USA (where this list is based), there is a deep cultural love for guns. They are seen as empowering, ever since our forebears in Colonial NA used them to open up the North American frontier, and then in the Revolution that created the USA.

Also there is nothing per se immoral in the use of a gun. You could use it in target shooting, marksmanship competition, hunting or in self-protection (not necessarily against a human being – humans are still attacked by wild beasts). All of which are moral.

It’s an honest mistake, particularly if you do not live here.

I honestly don’t know the true answer about your cards. There is no non-immoral use for them, but people do collect Nazi memorabilia, etc, just as physical objects. It seems that this could be the same. There is no “reverse consecration” that makes the objects themselves “evil.”

Ask a priest!



Yup, so Ive heard.
Is it really Worth the risk?

God Bless!


Its not like tarot cards are worth millions and traded on the black market :doh2:

If someone wants to use Tarot cards, he/she will have NO problem getting his/her hands on some. Any 13 year old kid could buy a deck of the full 78 cards by walking down to the local “Magic tricks” store with less than 20$…

Anyway, my opinion on the matter is: Do not sell them. It would not feel rigth. I dont want to have the Tarot filth near my house and passing them on would be against my principles. So I’d burn them. And I hope you will aswell.

Also just a tip, since you like the “art”. Buy some “Magic the gathering” cards instead. They are made by actually gifted artists. If you’re lucky you migth get some rare cards and those are even worth ALOT of money… i believe it goes up to the 3-5 thousand dollars… :shrug:


99.56% of people who get Tarot Cards are going to use them in the “occult” manner.

So no I would not “sell them” but burn them as noted :slight_smile:

(as I did with mine so many years ago on the way to my becoming Catholic…as one sees done in the book of Acts to such objects)


I think the point the OP is trying to make by the comparison is that there is “nothing immoral per se” in the use of tarot cards. You could use them for displaying their artwork in a baseball card binder, in playing a game of Freecell, or to practice tossing them into a hat from five feet away. All of which are moral.

I’m not sure whether I fully agree with that or not. Divination and attempting to use the cards to gain knowledge from evil spirits would be gravely immoral. That is clear. But I also have a hard time believeing that mere paper with pictures on them coming off of the manufacturing line are automatically infused with evil as some sort of anti-sacramental merely because the word “Tarot” is on the outside packaging. So I can see what the OP is getting at.


Note - even if such is the case-- these are “collected cards” which may also have been “used cards” (usually when one collects things such involves obtaining unique and often used items) and as such one can reasonably caution regarding their retention due to their use for such occult purposes. Exorcists might urge them being sprinked with holy water and then burned -due to their experience.

Certainly I would caution against selling them – for their use today is occult. 99.56%

(where as the use of handguns in the US is not mostly murdering people…)


What a dilemma! But think for a minute. Would you sell a butcher knife that could used in a Satanic ritual? What about your old car that could be used in a suicide bombing? What about your pig that might get loose, brush against a Muslim and send them to hell?

If you could do any of the above with a clear conscience, I would say selling the Tarot cards is ok. Er…How much are you asking? I could use some Tarot cards.


I understand your an atheist so such would not be a question you might consider asking but it is a serious question. And such examples are examples where a person does not know that the knife etc is going to be used for such. One is just selling a knife. But one can reasonably say that most tarot cards bought and sold will be used in the occult manner. And thus it is very different from such. More like putting a nuke up for sale on a “terrorist-ebay”.


Good point about “used cards.”

Yes, I would not recommend selling them either. But I had the feeling the OP’s primary purpose was comparing “cardstock with pictures” to “weapons of death” rather than actually soliciting advice over what to do with the cards. Maybe I read the OP wrong.


I think the point is that we know that the use of such for the occult is both sinful and also can dangerous in further ways -at least from the temptation to continue further on into the occult and more dangerous things.

PS: “Card stock” with a picture of Jesus etc and the blessing of a Priest – is rather unpleasant to demons…



Just to be clear, I’m not trying to trivialize it. I was just articulating the point I thought the OP was trying to make.


If you truly want to sell them as works of art then break the sets up. Only sell one suit to a given person and refuse to sell any of the other suits from that deck to the same person. Perhaps you would sell the major arcana cards as individual portrait cards, but never the full suit together. Yes it reduces the value, but if they are truly works of art some would collect them purely on that merit.

To use your analogy it would be like selling firearms that have the firing pin removed. Sure someone might be able to reassemble them for a less worthy purpose, but at least you have tried removing something to make it “safe”.

NOTE: before any one jumps on me about guns being safe, I realize that they can be. I am more talking about moral equivence of selling something potentially dangerous.

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