So I Have This Friend, Who Is A Girl

So I Have This Friend, Who Is A Girl…

we’re both in high school and shes been feeling depressed lately because she feels like she is “just a fan and not a follower of Jesus”. She’s been reading a book called “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman, and she says that reading it is making her sad because shes not doing enough. She is Baptist. What is the best thing to tell her, as a Catholic?

I’m no expert but I’ll tell you what works for me when I’m feeling down. Go to a quiet place and say these words “I open my heart to you, Jesus”. I’ve been going through some tough times recently and I said those words. They helped a hundredfold. As for the Catholic\Baptist divide I personally believe that by being the best witness of your faith that can be (and are being) is your wisest course of action. Be understanding, discreet, and friendly and she will open up to you and see how contented you are with your faith. Don’t forget you are in each other’s lives for a reason!
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Ask her if she’d like to do a Bible study (the Gospel of John is a good place to start). Once you guys have made some progress ask another friend to join you. Once 3-4 are meeting regularly figure out a service or mission you could do together locally.

Invite her to Mass!

I have not read the book—my brother has, he went to college with Kyle Idleman’s father—as far as I know Kyle is, like his father, a independent Christian Church member (church of Christ/Disciples of Christ/Campbells), Ken was (maybe still is, I’m not connected anymore) the President of Ozark Christian College in Missouri. From what my brother tells me–again, haven’t read it, it’s just about being out there living a Christian life—being on the team with Him instead of standing on the sidelines cheering…while my brother is not Catholic, he’s on target theologically, we agree … he’s just stubborn–and that’s another story…anyway, I don’t think it should make her sad. Try asking her what she would like to do—are there some activities you two could do together like help with Catholic Charities or in your Parish? If she wants to “do” then please don’t discourage, help her find something that she finds helpful to others. Try a Bible study—help her to see it’s both faith and works, invite her to Mass…parish youth group maybe?

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