So I just watched for the 2nd time

this video:

Ok, it wasn’t the second time. The first time I watched it, I watched it about a dozen times within a few days.

And after watching it this time, my favourite parts are:
*]It took only 10 seconds (1:02 - 1:12) for someone to kneel. Given that such an event is rare in the public square, it would definitely take some time for someone to know what’s going on to be present.
*]Near the end, when the narrator is reminding us who He is, everyone starts clapping. This was started at the 6:10 mark, “The Pharisees couldn’t confuse Him.” It’s quite telling who He is when everyone recognizes that He is all of those things that were mentioned.

Here’s an original thread from June of last year:

Oh ya… that young woman that was on her knees within seconds: crossed herself as the Lord was raised, stayed kneeling until after the exposition was complete, and helped an elderly lady pick up a dropped object before accepting the woman’s gratitude and (I’m sure) her happiness to see youth participating. God bless you!

Awesome!!! Thank you for posting this. As I was watching, it struck me that this was also symbolic of the way people reacted to Jesus, Himself when he was preaching. Some recognized the Truth, some were curious, some were blatantly disrespectful, etc.

I like the video. The ONLY thing that bothers me, is that he’s carrying Our Lord in the monstrance in a Bag…that’s annoying. I know…he probably had no other way of transporting Him, but he could have walked with the monstrance in his hand…anyhow, it’s a beautiful thing to happen.

A procession would have been better, even if it was just a few people.

I think a procession might have not of attracted a lot of people. This was more “out of the blue” than a procession. 'Twas unique and brought people to their knees to adore Our Lord…a procession would be beautiful, and maybe that’s what’s in their minds for a next time :smiley:


This shows that Satan controls the media.

As an Englishman living in England I never knew this happened.

I am sure if nobody kneeled and he was pelted with eggs it would have been on the front of our papers the next day.

Great video.

WOW! This made me think of the Bible quote “…and at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bend…”

I was also reminded of a Medjugorje story I read one time. A priest had made a pilgrimage to the town to experience the presence of Our Lady. There was some sort of chapel (I think) in which she was said to appear, besides the mountain, so the priest went there. For some reason which I forget, he was carrying the Eucharist in his pocket. At one point, Mary was said to be appearing. All those in the chapel began to kneel. Except the priest, who physically was unable to move at all. Very upset, he then heard a voice say “I will not have my Son kneel before me.” Makes ya think, don’t it?

i had never heard of this kinda thing happening before! what a great thing to see people not ashamed of their Catholic faith! and most importantly, RESPECTING OUR LORD!

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