So I need to confess this?


If I’ve sinned and remember the kind of sin (like stealing, telling alie, judging someone, etc), but not the details of the sin (what I lied about, who I judged, what I stole, etc)?


Why not? It can only help to confess it. It may or may not have been a mortal sin, but why even chance it?


Just confess to the best of your recollection.


Conffess it in your prayers to JESUS not mary. Only God will forgive you.
Priest have no power at all to forgive, if they did then that contradicts all that jesus died for…



Such would involve various misunderstandings present.

Confession is not separated from the death and resurrection of Jesus. Tis Jesus who forgives.

But this post takes the tread off its course so we will leave it there.


You are, of course, perfectly free to disagree with Catholic teaching. But please don’t tell a Catholic not to do what is required.


Dear GabrielT,
We DON’T confess to Mary, NOBODY does!

As to the OP, thinking out your confession IS
PART of the healing process… so it is better
to KNOW who you wronged, what you stole
or what the lie was you told, ASK God to
awaken your memory so that you can properly
address it! I think that it is VERY important to
know the details, if it was a court of law, would
you get away with knowing only the generalities?
Satan is the prosecuting attorney, he is sure to
bring it up again IN THE FUTURE if you’re not


Since we only need to confess in number and kind, it doesn’t matter that you don’t remember. All you have to do is include this lie along with your other sins.


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