So I started watching the Passion


What is the deal with Herod Antipas? I didn’t know what I was watching for a minute.


What about Herod?

He knew Jesus could work miracles, but was interested in the sense of being interested in a magician.
He had wanted to see Jesus perform a miracle for some time (not about any interest in God).

Jesus refused to speak to Him when brought before Him (and some saints have said that is because Herod was in an automatic state of excommunication because he married his living brother’s wife,)
Jesus also refused to perform a miracle,
Causing Herod to disappointedly say: ‘He isn’t a miracle worker! He’s mad! Get Him out of my sight!’

He sent Jesus back to Pilate as He was afraid to condemn Jesus himself (as he also was afraid to have John The Baptist executed, until his daughter in law made him promise to do so).
Afraid because he believed john the baptist and Jesus to be prophets, and also afraid of a revolt from the jews if he harmed them.


I heard that movie was SO bloody and gore that im afraid to watch it.


Mel Gibson said, that the movie is not even close to what Jesus actually would have experienced,
Mel Gibson says that It says somewhere in the Psalms that Jesus was tortured so much that He was unrecognisable, no longer even resembling a human being because His flesh was torn so much… :sob:

There is an amazon movie subscription you can sign up to that lets you censor certain parts of movies (as a parent) so you could block out the violent scenes and watch the movie :slight_smile:


It’s hard to watch. During the filming, Jim Caveziel fainted when he was accidentally struck during the whipping scene. He was also struck by lightning during the crucifixion scene. It was tough to make and tough to watch.
I’ve read that sseveral murderers turned themselves in after seeing it. It has really impacted a lot of people.


Elohim, i would watch the movie,

Probably the best acting portrayal of Jesus, of all time,

A lot of coincidental things happened while filming:
Mel Gibson said he got a number of signs that he was to make this movie.
He got Latin mass celebrated on the movie set before filming each day.
Jim Caviezel (who acts as Jesus, was 33 when he began filming, and his initials are JC, same initials as Jesus Christ).
The movie score composer said he was under a lot of spiritual attacks, he said the movie screen room would often freeze on the parts of the movie with satan, and the music would blare out really loud, -that this happened way too many times to be a coincidence and not a spiritual attack.
Mel Gibson flew to Fatima and showed a special screening of the movie to Sr Lucia (the last Fatima seer).

God wanted this movie made.

And God probably made this movie for you (and all of mankind’s current generation) to watch :slight_smile:


Does everyone know, Mel Gibson said he is currently working on ‘The Passion of the Christ Sequel: The Ressurrection,’. And that Jim Caviezel is back acting as Jesus in it.


Anyone who liked the Passion movie,

Please watch ‘The Mini Bible Series’ (available on dvd, or Netflix), it tells the life of Jesus like a movie,

There is also a movie from this series called ‘Son of God,’ (based on the life of Jesus, which is just BEAUTIFUL).


I’m not talking about anything he really said. I mean his appearance and behavior. It was extremely comical- that’s what I’m getting at.


Jim Caviezel said, as a child at the movie theatre, he had an experience of God telling him, that God needed him to be an actor,

He followed this, and God has really used Jim Caviezel in the movie industry powerfully :slight_smile:

Anyone see Jim’s portrayal of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’? (Awesome movie also, Richard harris is in the movie too)


I couldn’t bring myself to watch it for years because of the violence. I was also scared of the scenes with Satan. But I finally watched the entire movie for Easter this year and I was SO BLESSED. It really is amazing…I would encourage everyone to watch it.


It is a great movie to watch on Good Friday! I hope to make it a tradition of mine during Lent.

I didn’t! I hope it’s as good as The Passion!



You said Herod acted a bit comical?
Yes, Mel Gibson based a lot of his movie direction, on the Bible (obviously), and also on a number of writings of the saints who had visions of the life of Jesus, and some of these saints said, Herod was a bit ‘mad’, and also; he was a bit of an actor, he ‘feigned’ interest in Jesus (acting out kindness, as a form of mockery to Jesus, while his intentions and actions were quite indifferent to Jesus’ sufferings that he could see had happened under Pilate), his behaviour was a form of sarcasm to Jesus to cause Jesus even more hurt/ pain (also to make his guests laugh), as really he couldn’t care at all if Jesus was put to death; so long as it wasn’t under his authority as he feared Jesus and the jews revolting against him),

Historical writings do say that Herod did go mad (psychiatrically) towards the end of his life.


I saw the movie when it came out. Yes, I know Jesus suffered more than this movie portrayed. Yes, people keep saying everyone should see it because it is so powerful.

But if you can’t handle violence, this movie is not for you. I will never watch it again.


Anyone ever watch Jim Caviezel’s testimony of his catholic life / upbringing, how he ended up acting in the Passion movie, and his experiences of acting in the movie,

He mentions his devotion to the rosary also :slight_smile:


A most powerful film. One of the things I loved about this film, was the Marian aspect, which few films feature. Maia Morgenstern’s portrayal of Mary was exceptional. The scene below was one of the most memorable IMO.


Indeed, Mel Gibson is a strong catholic :slight_smile:


The movie itself, has to be close to the sufferings of Jesus. The crucifixion and death scenes made me break down and cry as if I had lost my mother, brother, sister’ If you know the Love of Jesus and feel Him in your heart you know what I mean. Alot of people were afraid to watch the Passion of the Christ because it was so graphic Jesus’s way to the Cross was beyond graphic…Watch the movie if you have not seen it…You will look to Him and know the true meaning of love. God bless you.


Jim Caviezel said most of his acting of Jesus’ pain was real, because he experienced a LOT of pain during the crucifixion scenes, he got a dislocated shoulder, got pneumonia, got hit by lightning, got hit by one of the whips during the scourging scene and had to go home sick, but kept going with the movie :slight_smile:

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