So I talked to my husband about going back to the catholic church

He is not happy about the idea at all. He said he really doesn’t want to go to a Catholic Church. He had a few reasons. He said he likes being able to take communion at the Episcopal Church, and that although he would have done RCIA if he had to to marry me, he doesn’t want to now and wouldn’t just to take communion. He also said that there is a lot of evil in the church and that does effect how he feels about it.

If he means there are a lot of sinners committing evil acts well yes. They’ve been part of Christianity since day one. As the old quote goes that many use here the Church is a hospital for sinners not a museum for saints.

If I understand correctly, you are a Catholic and your husband is not.

Your return to the Church does not depend upon him converting. You can return while he remains protestant. If you did not follow the Church requirements for marriage, you can have your marriage convalidated and that does not require him to become a Catholic either.

I’m not sure I understand the exact nature of your issue or question.

I have found there is a lot of evil in the World. Still here though…:wink:

If you’re Catholic and want to go back. You should go. Enjoy it. Make sure the parish feels good (I know some will beg to differ). Get involved. When your husband sees YOU happy, and that you haven’t turned to anything evil… then perhaps he will follow along. His free will is as important as yours.

Easter Sunday at a church with lots of children is almost always spectacular!!! That feel good vibe is almost always present!!!

So you were a lapsed Catholic when you married…I presume? Some thing in my case except I’m the protestant. You can’t change the game mid stream in a marriage and expect that your husband isn’t going to be a little blindsided and upset. If you try to force him to convert or nag him into it you will merely end up destroying your marriage. You are going to have to find a happy middle ground that you can both live in. That means there will have to be comprimises. You may have to go through Radical Sanation not Convalidation, you may go to a lot of Masses alone, you may have to comprimise on how future kids will be raised. I might also recommend that you do not blanket the house in Catholic things immediatly. My husband went on a Catholic Reading binge (actually a couple years later he still is) it freaked me out pretty bad at first.

If you decide to talk about your religous differences do so in a loving and gentle manner. Focus on the things held in common, and gently correct anything misconceptions he has about the Catholic Church. Trust me you are about to learn more about your faith thatn you ever thought, so you can defend it. You also will learn more about his. Look at it as a growing expierence.

Remember you changed, he didn’t…while it’s great you are growing stonger in your faith, it is going to be very scary for him.

Thanks. I am not going to push for now. We got to a beautiful, small Episcopal Church right now. I am going to pray very hard for the Anglican Ordinariate to come to fruition here, as i think that is the best way for our family to all be happy.

Ok, I just looked and there is a Church not that far from us that is in the process of becoming part of the Anglican Ordinariate! They have done everything, and have a bishop in what is called a “pro-diocese” and are just waiting now. I may have to look into that!

Yes but regardless YOU are still Catholic. YOU cannot and should not be taking Eucharist outside the Catholic Church. It is important that you return for your own sake not wait to see what others will do that have not been in communion.

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