“So I’ve got to prove to you that God too does ‘worship’ human beings…”

Yes, that’s quite some statement, I know!

To be sure, it sounds shocking, even Blasphemous!

But who would say such a thing? And why?

Does anyone know?

If not, I’ll reveal the identity soon; but first, I’ll wait a bit - just in case anyone wants to comment on this seemingly bizarre statement.

OK, I’ll bite. Whom do you say God worships?

Wow, I must say I’m kinda surprised that no one seems to know who said this!

But O K, here’s one hint before I reveal the identity:

It was said by a Church Father, in one of his sermons.

Should be easy now to discover, huh? :wink:

And the answer to who said this is:

St. Augustine!

So I’ve got to prove to you that God too does “worship” human beings, or you will consider, perhaps, that I have used the word very carelessly, and begin arguing against me in your thoughts, and finding fault with me because you don’t in fact grasp what I’ve been saying.

Augustine, Sermon 87 – Preached on a Sunday at the time of the vintage on what is written in the gospel of Matthew 20:1-16: *The kingdom of heaven is like a man, a householder, who sent workmen into his vineyard. *

Of course, there’s more to the context, but until I find my notes, that’ll just have to wait. I will follow up soon though.

The works of Saint Augustine: a translation for the 21st century. Part III, volume III, Sermons 51-94, John E. Rotelle, Edmund Hill, Augustinian Heritage Institute, New City Press, 1990 ISBN 0911782850, 9780911782851 p. 408.

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