So I visited the Mormon Temple...


I was in Salt Lake City last week and walked around the outside of the Mormon temple while I was there. These two Mormons who worked there started talking to me, and we had a decent conversation. When we started to wrap things up one of them asked me if I would like a Mormon to stop by my house and give me a Book of Mormon. I always like to talk to people who I don’t see eye to eye with and saw it as an opportunity to get a free Book of Mormon, so I said yes. I’ve got a Mormon friend, and when I told him about this, he told be that my name is now stored in some database and the Mormons will never leave me alone now. He also said that I should expect two Mormons to come and teach me a series of six lessons. Has anyone else allowed the Mormons to come to their house? Am I basically going to be under Mormon watch until death now?


The short answer is No! There is no such “database”. They will come and visit you as you had asked them to; but if you made it clear to them that you are not interested in any further visits, they will leave you alone.



You might be on a data base simply because they have to have a system to inform their missionaries where to go visit you. Once you get your Book of Mormon and tell them you are not interested in learning anymore, they won’t bother you anymore. I wouldn’t worry about it.

By the way, all you need to know about the Book of Mormon can be found in these two videos:

These videos can be watched on-line and are excellent presentations.

There is also a very good article on the Catholic Answers web site:…_of_Mormon.asp


Believe it not! The Book of Mormon is true, the videos prove nothing. They are worthless anit-Mormon propaganda. Read it, study it carefuylly, pray about it with sincerity, and the Lord will reveal the truth of it to you by the Holy Ghost.



I haven`t viewed these videos yet, so pardon my ingnorance. Could you let me know what specifically is inaccurate in the videos?






The Mormon faith is a totally false religion started by a nutcase who dabbled in the occult. The place for the Book of Mormon is the rubbish bin!


It is helpful to point out specific lies and then show in Mormon beliefs why it is a lie.


The Mormons will tell you that Native Americans descended from Israelites. The videos show how ludicrous this idea is with recent archaeological, linguistic and DNA evidence. It is well worth the time to spend watching these videos if you have any interest in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is convincingly debunked by these videos as well as the Catholic Answers essay.


The Mormon faith is God’s only true Church on earth today.

started by a nutcase who dabbled in the occult.

Started by a great prophet at the commandment of God.

The place for the Book of Mormon is the rubbish bin!

The place of the Book of Mormon is along side the Bible.



LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! Tonight’s main event: “Thistle vs. Zerinus”. :smiley:




Yes, that is what the video does. But zerinus claimed the entire video is a lie. I was asking zerinus to be more specific as to what the video said was a lie about the Mormon religion.

So far all we have are very general claims and general refutations. If zerinus actually wishes to convince anyone of their opinion, more specifics would be necessary.

But thanks for a specific example.


Where exactly would the evidence be that backs up the assertion that Native Americans are descended from the Israelites and would show the video to be a lie? Or is that one true, so in fact the whole video is not a lie?


You should be so lucky! This would be an excellent opportunity to witness the True Gospel to a couple of earnest young people who desperately need to hear it. I’ve heard several stories from people who, during their missions, heard true witnessing from people to whom they were trying to sell their religion product, and later went out of Mormonism and into Christianity.


In order to be specific, Zerinus would have to actually watch the video. The Mormon Church forbids their members to watch anything they consider anti-Mormon.


Yeah, I’m one of those.


Zerinus, we have had some good discussions in the other threads but what exactly is wrong with the videos? Can you give specifics? Have you really seen them?


So what you have, at the end of the day, is a false religion, founded by a sexually twisted con-man, advanced by deception and sustained by fraud, believed by the gullible and destined for the scrap-heap of history. It may be interseting to debate with the likes of Zenius, but he is in the grip of invincible ignorance and you are wasting your time. Unless there is a miracle of the Holy Spirit, he and those like him will perish in their ignorance.


Thanks a lot for the links. I’ll be reading them in about 10 seconds.


Thanks, I didn’t know that.

But that does tell us that in fact he can’t know the video is “all lies” unless he has seen it or at least seen/read a critique on the “lies” of this video. If a critique, then he could be more specific.

Or maybe he is not a faithful mormon and watched the video anyway so he is making an informed decision? Or he has not read a critique, not watched in and is in fact cannot know if he is telling the truth by saying the video is all lies?

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