So I was watching this psychic show

I was watching this show on CourtTV called “Haunting Evidence” and it is about these psychics that help to solve crimes.

I’ve always believed psychics are just a bunch of crock. But this show was pretty convincing. The two psychics had like IDENTICAL stories. They gave the psychics personal items that belonged to the victims and they connected to the victim’s “spirit” and they “relived” the events.

Then they had some electromagnetic field detectors and supposedly whenever paranormal activity occurs, there is a spike in the graph. The psychics would say when they felt a “presence” and sure enough, the graph spiked.

I don’t even know what to think of this. I would suspect that the Church is against psychic practices, but this is just so strange to me.

I wouldn’t put much belief in this stuff because it can be faked, especially for a TV show.

a good magician can do a cold reading. That is what these guys are doing, its a talent, but not mysterious.

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