So I went to Mass tonight and


the priest recognised me from the annulment meetings we had, and he told me that he’d been thinking of trying to call me for the past three weeks because apparently there is a question about my ex he was asked to speak to me about :confused:

He said, “If I don’t remember to call you, call me, OK?”

all I could think was ‘Three weeks???’ He had told me the day we submitted the documents that I 'd hear an initial response in 6-8 weeks. I thought I’d be hearing that any day now. So now everything’s being held up because someone asked a question but didn’t ask me yet?

:confused: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I am so disappointed.


Sorry to hear that, I say a prayer for you and this situation…


Thank you.

I tried to tell myself I wasn’t going to stress about it, but I definately am failing at it!


Prayers for you.

“Been trying to get in touch with you”? What did he mean by that? If he didn’t have the right telephone number or something, or if you don’t have an answering machine on your phone, then it’s not necessarily his fault, of course.

Just treat it as a reminder to double check on things. If you send a document to someone, get in touch with them to make sure they’ve received it, and if you don’t hear anything for two weeks or so, make it a point to contact your priest or whoever and get an update.


No he said he’d been THINKING about calling me for three weeks. He’s called me several times prior to the documents submission meeting with no problem…

Just to clarify…


Call the priest on Tuesday, as most priests take Monday off. Don’t talk to the office manager or voice mail. Keep calling until you get him, and remind him.


Remember, Priests are the most overworked human beings on this planet. They are on call 24/7, and when one has that kind of schedule, three weeks can just slip past.

Call and set up an appointment with him.


I will be calling first thing tomorrow morning! I have been racking my brain to figure out what the question could be…the only thing I’ve come up with is them asking if my ex was baptized…because I don’t remember talking about that…


And, in the category of “God works in mysterious ways,” perhaps these extra weeks have been needed for you to think, to consider, even to do a little penance. My annulment process took a very long time. There were days (weeks, months) I was quite upset at the time it was taking to get a determination. And, wouldn’t you know, when I finally made peace with the fact that the determination may be a long time coming and, in the end, may not be the determination I sought, and that was all okay if it was God’s will – that’s when the determination I desired showed up in the mail.

Mama always said, “God works in mysterious ways.”

I wish you well . . .


Seriously… wait til Tues… every priest I have ever known takes Monday off… And try not to stress… your stress won’t solve the problem quicker. I know it is hard… my dh was not told until after we set the date for our wedding that he had to go to counseling before we could get married just to make sure he was mature enough (first marriage at 18, but he was in his 30’s when we got married). They held our date for us but 2 mos before the wedding he was going through counseling… I DO know stress.


OK, I did wait 'til Tues, and called from work…I think I caught him as he was heading out - it was almost 4:30pm. He remembered asking me to call, and was most gracious as always.

Apparently the Tribunal sent him a letter asking for more information about my ex’s two previous marriages - unfortunately they didn’t specify what it was they wanted to know, but they said that more information might help them take the case in ‘another direction’…

Since my ex was in town at Disneyworld with my daughter and was feeling cooperative, I was able to gather dates and locations…more than that the Tribunal will have to be specific on…

With Father Michael going on vacation next week we can’t meet til he gets back, oh well. I pray I’ve gotten the information they need…

Pondering ‘another direction’…:hmmm:


Y’all are seeking to annul a Catholic wedding?


No, not a Catholic wedding. It was a wedding in an Independent church. It was my first marriage and his third. His previous ones were in a Baptist church and a courthouse…


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