So, if there is such concern about preventing deaths, why not drug deaths and drugs coming over the border?

“Our products are sold to the United States less,” added Chen Li. “More is sold to Mexico.” This isn’t surprising, since most illicit fentanyl used in America, where 32,000 people died from fentanyl last year, comes through Mexico. Mexican cartels lack trained chemists to make fentanyl from scratch, so they buy precursors in bulk from China. After that, making finished fentanyl is simple.

This is epidemic, of course, a lot of the fentanyl seems to come from China, other drugs are in the discussion too. Much hardship is caused on both sides of the border per the drug,s, it destroys lives and communities.

It is correct to be alert to mass shootings but this doesn’t change the fact that many, many more are dying from these drugs. Many of the drugs come across the border. Are we better securing the border? Probably somewhat from a rise of seizing the contraband. Though, that could mean, more is coming over.

Drug deaths are numbering over 32;000 per the Atlantic article and compare to mass shootings, the drug overdose and death numbers are much, much higher.

“That you do unto me”, is there no concern about this issue?

The left media doesn’t care about this because there is no political gain in it.

Perhaps you haven’t been reading the news…
You yourself said that there is a rise in contraband being seized at the border…the border wall is continuing to be constructed…the number of drug deaths is alarming at 32,000…and what is the number of gun related deaths here in the US

The number of gun related deaths is greater than that of opioids…what is being done to address that issue…nothing…because we don’t want to infringe peoples rights to own guns…it has nothing to do with the “left” media…it has to do with people who don’t want their “rights” infringed" upon…
“that you do unto me” doesn’t concern them.

That 25 ton bust in Mexico is pretty shocking by itself. The article doesn’t say where it came from but that is over 50,000 pounds of a chemical that is fatal in doses as low as 3mg. For that much fentanyl, who has the capability and the motivation to make that much and ship it to Mexico where the cartels will smuggle across the border?

You might want to rethink that assertion. Here is the NY Times from 2017:

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