So let's talk about today's readings 4/29/09

In the psalm: Say to God, “How tremendous are your deeds!”
Now we know what to say in our prayers today.

In the gospel: …this is the will of My Father, that everyone who sees the
Son and believes in Him may have eternal life…

If God is all-powerful, why can He not achieve His will? Look here in 2Peter 3:9
– …He wants none to perish but all to come to repentence.

The idea that maybe all will repent and all will have eternal life is very exciting,
and if God wills it, maybe it will happen after all.

So what struck you about today’s readings? :bible1::twocents:


I thought about the disciples when they were going through the world around them and preaching. How much faith they must have had. Think of the extraordinary danger they were in at all times. Still they went out among the people and preached the Word. They had no thought of their own saftey.

When you think of going into the world today, you do not think of danger like they faced. We are relatively safe, especially here in the US, to go and spread the good news. It was not so for them. I can only wonder at their faith. Knowing how they were hated by Jews and Romans alike. I would like this kind of faith. A tested faith so to speak.

Jesus told us He was our salvation. His Father had told Moses He was their salvation. We humans keep asking for proof I suppose. Maybe this is what prompted Jesus to say the things He said about unseen belief.

God Bless!

Well you are very brave. Almost every one of those apostles were violently killed…
And today, violent persecution exists in China, Africa, and other countries but I’m
not sure which. Just think in Sudan how the Christian villages were demolished by
the Muslim military attackers… Can you imagine what it feels like in today’s modern
world to be arrested, imprisoned and tortured for your faith? “The world” is demanding
that Christians be conformed to this world. What if we stopped paying for abortions?
We won’t, because we pay our taxes. What if we stopped paying our taxes? We
won’t or we would go to jail. So now, how are we being transformed by the Holy
Spirit? And we are the Christians. We are the Catholics. We are the people of God.
Who else does He have to be His hands and feet? I, too, would like this kind of faith.

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