So let's talk about today's readings 6/12/09

This line from the first reading didn’t strike me at all:
“perplexed, but not driven to despair”. But here it is in my missal:
“We see no answer to our problems, but never despair”, and it strikes me…

This from the psalm “To you will I offer sacrifice of thanksgiving”
reminds me some of my favorite words from Job, “Though He slay me, yet will
I serve Him”.
And this line “My vows to the LORD I will pay
in the presence of all his people” – What are my vows, and how will I pay them
in the presence of all His people? Does this just mean going to church, or is there
another meaning?

I have always wondered about this line from the gospel: “everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart”. I always
wondered how do you look at a woman with lust? Please no one answer, because
it would be too embarrassing.

And on divorce; “whoever divorces his wife (unless the marriage is unlawful)
causes her to commit adultery”. Does anyone really believe this?
Does the priest? Does the church?

So what struck you about today’s readings? :bible1::twocents:

Funny you should ask…what struck me most about today’s readings was that I continue to try to justify my own past behavior while hating to admit, “Yeah, hey, that’s me–the sinner!”

I hadn’t “read ahead” before Mass this morning and was somewhat shocked that the Gospel was about adultery. After recently returning to Catholicism having been away since I was a teenager, and having had 2 divorces (marriages outside of the church), and FINALLY having been married in the Church on May 23rd to my husband of 7 years, I was strangely thrilled to still feel the humility and embarrassment and remorse of being an adultress. I think I’m supposed to feel forgiven, but I’m still working on all of that. I’m pretty sure my parish priest intentionally didn’t look at me–Needless to say, it was quite a confession my first time back (good Catholic guilt at work here, eh?)

Anyway, you are so spiritually ahead of me, I’m sure this is completely boring that I only found the literal in today’s readings. But, Sweet Jesus, thank you for bringing me back–even if I’m only getting the BIG messages so far!!!

Nothing is boring to me about what struck somebody about today’s readings.
I only wish I could hear more people tell what struck them about today’s readings!
You will soon notice that we’re all “the sinner” here at “sinners anonymous”
(the Catholic Church) :smiley:

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