So let's talk about today's readings 6/5/09

Today in the first reading, Anna greets her long lost son and says, “Now that I have
seen you again, I am ready to die!”. I know what she means, but really, I’m the
opposite. I might have been so miserable with worry over my long lost son that I
might have instead thought, “I might as well die”. And if I saw him again, I would feel
like, “Now I can live!”

Today’s psalm continues where Tobit and Tobiah left off in praising God. But the
psalm does it correctly, not blaming God for troubles. This psalm gives God the
credit He deserves.

Look at this line: “The LORD keeps faith forever,”
Yes He does! Do we?

Now this line: " (He) secures justice for the oppressed,"
He is never the One who oppresses, but is always the One who secures justice
for the oppressed.

Next this line: (He) gives food to the hungry.
Yes, He gives food, He doesn’t take food away from people.

Now this line: The LORD sets captives free.
The Lord never imprisons people, He is the one who sets them free.

R. Praise the Lord, my soul!
R. Alleluia.

Now for this next verse: “The LORD gives sight to the blind.”
Yes! Tobit, are you listening? The Lord did not take your sight away, He is the
One who restored it!

Next this line: “The LORD raises up those who are bowed down”
The Lord never bows people down, He is the One who raises them up.

Now this line: “the LORD loves the just”
Because He is just… He is never unjust and hates injustice.

Next this line: The LORD protects strangers.
The Lord never attacks strangers, He doesn’t reject them. He welcomes them,
they are never strangers to Him.

R. Praise the Lord, my soul!
R. Alleluia!

Now, onto this line: “The fatherless and the widow he sustains”
This is yet another group of people that could blame God for their problems.
Yet He is the One who sustains them, He does not come to harm them but
is always their help.

I hope this psalm proves that God comes to bring good, not evil.

In the gospel, Jesus says that David is not really His father, and that David
even knew that. What kind of experience was that that David was having?
Did he see his “Lord say to my Lord…” in a vision? If so, what did they look
like, and did he see heaven?

Today is the day of St. Boniface, who was made first bishop of Germany.
He was killed while preaching. What would we do if our priest got killed while
preaching? I wonder if the Nazi’s were forming their thoughts back then…(673-754)

So what struck you about today’s readings? :bible1::twocents:

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