So many people are falling apart


**My mom, my sister, me… we all have chronic health problems. I’ve been so worried about my sis lately. My mom is due for another surgery after Christmas (with more risk involved than the previous ones). My dad is working (trucking) non-stop and he’s getting too old to continue on like this… then there are lily’s sleep problems that I worry may be something serious…

then just last night I spoke with one of my best friends from high school and she is really ill. She sounded scared that she was going to die. Some sort of neurological problem connected to migraines but they are still investigating. She is using a cane now and will soon be moved to a wheel chair. She is having small seizures and paralysis…

Then one of my other good friends from my younger days has terminal kidney disease and has already had one transplant and will need another soon but her doctors don’t expect her to live long.

So please pray for my family and friends. Most of all that they turn to God and trust in Him (none are religious).

Thank God my hubby is healthy!!! And other than sleep problems, that my baby girl is strong and smart and growing so well.

It’s just all a little overwhelming right now.



Prayers -

Also, I’ve found that during those overwhelming times, reading the Book of Job and the Psalms is a great help.


Proverbs too. And it is easier said than done, Feanaro’s Wife, but if you offer your suffering to God, that He make stronger the Body of the Church, your acceptance of your suffering will be very valuable.

Have you put a prayer request over at the Prayer Intentions forum? I will say one for you too.


**Probably like everyone else it is much easier for me to offer up my own suffering and come to some sort of acceptance than to watch others (especially those I love) suffer.




Then one of my other good friends from my younger days has terminal kidney disease and has already had one transplant and will need another soon but her doctors don’t expect her to live long.


Sorry to hear your family and friends are going through so much Malia. I will pray for them now.

Just curious as to why her kidney disease is considered Terminal. I don’t need any names or such, but I have had kidney disease for going on 8 years now. Soon I will have a dialysis while I wait for transplant.
I don’t know Canadian medicine, but does it rank with the US on treatments? My docs have people who have leave 30+ years on dialysis and are still going strong. There are so many options.
Does she not want dialysis?
I feel her pain, truely I do. It’s rough and having ESRD or CKD is harder than people realize. On the outside most (not all) look healthy and fine. But daily we are battling not to sleep all day or collapse of exhaustion. Then through daily life, kids work and such on it… PHEW it’s rough.

I’ll pray for her. I just was curious why they aren’t giving her hopes to have a long life (with proper treatment). Kidney disease patients have come a long long way in the last 20 years.
Sorry for being nosy.


**Probably should mention that I am only 31 as are my two friends. My sister is only 25. When i reread my post it sounded as if it could have been written by someone much older than me. (my parents are only in their 50’s).

I guess now that I have found God and put my trust in Him I worry so much about those who don’t. I do my best to be a good example and vessel for the holy Spirit to work through but fear that I am not doing good enough. I am so scared that I will lose someone I love before they get a chance to “get right” with God:(.



I’m 26 :slight_smile: Health issues happen to people of all ages. And if you were 50, you were one brave women for having your first kid so late in life :wink:

Pray for your family and friends if conversion is your worry. Say a rosary for the conversion of them and the world as often as you can.

My family is not religious and most of my Protestant friends (or exfriends) think I lost my mine. :blush:


You’re not being nosy, don’t worry about it. I am ashamed that I don’t have the answers to that though. My friend does not like to talk about her illness much so i have just put bits and pieces together over the years. I can’t remember the name of the kidney disease but it’s rare I believe. She has been on dialysis for a long time now and is not doing well. Whatever disease she has will affect a new kidney too (like it did to the last transplant) so she has no hope (as of now) of a full recovery.



**It is a hard cross to bear Malia. :frowning: Especially when you are so sick yourself! :console:

Most all of my family is either seriously or chronically ill. It is so much harder to be there for and care for them when you can barely take care of yourself. :frowning: I know as I, too, am chronically ill with asthma, depression, Fibromyalgia, etc.

I keep you in thought and admire your tremendous faith, strength and courage in the midst of it all. :hug1:


prayers! just keep praying for them…
i find it hard to believe that the Lord who loves us so much would allow them to perish this way! He will bring them to HIM…


Definitely plan on praying for you and your people. hug

By the way, I apologize for the way I spoke to you in the NFP thread. Not that it’s any excuse; but contraception and openness to life are really painful issues for me, because they mean that, if I truly do intend to stay faithful to the Church, I’ll most likely never be able to get married…and stuff like that can get me very bitter and rebellious at times. :frowning:


**No worries… I have done the same thing about other issues…when something is personal and painful it makes it so much more difficult…



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