So many sisters



  1. I was wondering why are their different nun branches? Like the Fransicans, the Nazerines, etc? Is it by location? Is it by specialty? Are they all part of the RCC?

  2. What can Nuns do as far as ministry in the Catholic Church? For example we have a Nun and she seems to be more of a supportive role. I know they can’t do the Job of a priest, but they help people as far as council and guidance.

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J.R. Crocilla <<<< Yes its Sicilian for “Little Cross”


Well, it is generally the order that the Lord called them to. There are many different orders that call to each one's unique talents and gifts. Some are very active (think teaching or nursing) and some are cloistered and/or contemplative (think prayer for souls). Some are called to work actively with the poor in urban neighbourhoods. They are all Catholic Sisters. And they all have a calling towards a service that please God according to their talents.


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