So many thieves!

I can’t believe it! Well I guess I can, my 7 year old daughter left her purse in a Barnes and Noble bookstore for 5 minutes. When we quickly returned, it was gone. It was obviously a kids purse too, she had about $12 dollars and some of her favorite pencils and notebooks inside. She was so upset! But not only that, in the past 2 months everyone I know that has forgotten something, including me has had the item stolen within minutes. I once paid for an item in Home Depot at the self check out counter, got some cash back and forgot to get the $50 from the machine. I turned around after reaching my car and it was gone. My friend’s teenage daughter left her purse in a store for 2 minutes, we walked out, walked about 100 feet, noticed it was gone and went back into the store. It was gone too! One of my friends daughters left a necklace on a table in a library to get a book and it was gone when she returned. In each case, the very next person to see the items took it. 100%! I am so frustrated, angry and disgusted by our society. Is it really this bad? Couldn’t one nice person have handed it to the store employees? Are we so few? Do people only look to get themselves ahead? To get one over on everybody else? Sorry for the rant but it REALLY bothers me. I will always do my best to return an item to the rightful owner, and I know most of the peopke in this forum probably would too, but I am so discouraged by the number of people that don’t care that my daughter cried herself to sleep.

3 times in the last month I have left something in a restaurant or store–my phone, a zipper bag with some money, and my sunglasses (expensive). All 3 times I returned within an hour to find the item gone, and when I inquired all 3 had been turned in to management by concerned customers or employees. I rejoice people are so honest here. I just got home to find the garage door wide open because DH did not realize it was not working right. Nothing has been disturbed or taken, and I had a neighbor come in the house with me but no one had been inside. That is not to say something could happen if we are not more careful, but in spite of all the traffic up and down the street this time of night, no problem

Wow, that’s crazy! I feel so badly for your daughter…aw. :frowning: I’m sorry. :console:

I dont blame you for being upset! Im sorry about what happened to your daughter. I work in retail, and have seen very few honest people unfortunatly. I dont know if its because of the economy or what, its just so bad. My manager has me walking around the store sometimes and I catch so many people pocket stuff, and with out crazy store policy I cant say anything to them. The only thing I can do is call the police who are so busy with other things its sometimes not worth it. I dont know, I remember finding money and returning it, I also give people back their money if they give me too much. I figure its not mine, so why should I have it? I dont know how people can sleep at night knowing they stole money from a little girl. I just wish there were more honest people in the world, it would make it a lot better place to live.

I just lost my sunglasses that way :frowning:

And last summer, my camera was actually FOUND by an employee at a dining establishment. They TOLD me they had it. When I got there, guess what? Oh, we don’t have it.

An employee told me privately he’d seen it with his own eyes…in the manager’s office:(

So disappointing.

That is horrible. A few months ago, my son came with me to the grocery store. Enroute, my cell phone rang, and it was my husband wanting to talk to DS. So as we are walking into the store, DS is on the cell phone still talking to DH. At some point, their conversation ended, and unbeknownst to me, my son placed my darkly colored phone into the deep part of the cart. We were only getting a few items, so everything I purchased was in the front basket part. I never saw my phone in the deep part, and never realized I did not have it until the next morning.

My heart sank when I realized where my phone was…or had been.

However, the next morning, the store manager called ME (at the number listed “home” on my cell phone) and told me his staff had found it the night before when they were cleaning up. I was soooooo thrilled.

So there ARE good honest people out there.

At the same time, about a month ago, somebody walked into one of the classrooms in our Catholic school and stole a book of checks out of a teacher’s purse, which was in a closed cupboard door while she stepped out of her room for about 20 minutes for a meeting after school.

My uncle once left an expensive camera laying on a bench at a New York train station. We drove all the way home (about a half hour), ate lunch, realized the camera was missing, drove back, and it was still there.

If I had seen someone else leave their camera, I would have picked it up immediately and found someone responsible to give it to (a station manager, someone at a lost and found desk, whoever). It wouldn’t suprise me that the items were missing from the place you left them, but I would be suprised if none of the items had been turned in.

That was the first thing I thought, there are plenty of boxes and bins with lost items in most public places that are full. I do imagine though, different parts of the country are going to vary along the percentage rates of honesty.

A quick update, I did check with all the departments in the store and no one returned it to lost and found. I live in New Jersey and I’m not sure if the results would be different in other parts of the country. I’m glad to hear there have been good experiences, I just wish there were more of them.

*On a positive note…I take my rings off often times, when washing my hands in public restrooms. Years ago, I accidentally left my engagement ring in the bathroom of one of the doctor’s offices I was visiting…and didn’t realize it until I was driving down the road! I called after about 20 minutes of finally realizing this, and lo and behold, a very honest person turned it into the doctor, and it was waiting for me to pick up at their front desk. I think there are a lot of dishonest folks out there, but there are still some good apples. :slight_smile:

I also had an incident where I left a small change purse with money in it, on the table at Outback, and came back in literally 2 minutes, from realizing it was missing (from the parking lot) to the table, and it was gone. I had the manager call the police…and they searched the kitchen, the garbages, and all the lockers…and a waiter took it and had it in his locker. So…if this ever happens at a restaurant…call the police. If it’s a meaningful item. I would suggest calling the police at any place, but in a restaurant, it’s more of a confined place…whereas, you leave something on a shelf somewhere, anyone walking by can grab it, it might be harder to pinpoint who stole the item. *

People are good around here about finding things and turning them into the store manager or finding the owner.

one thing that has happened to us is employees at a restaurant and again at a gas station ringing up double purchases on our credit cards and pocketing the cash difference. since we always double check our receipts store security was able to find and take action against the offender immediately.

I understand what you mean! My grandmother, 84 years old, never mugged before, never touched…She always travels to the same areas, where things are not ghetto at all…She went to visit my grandfather’s grave…Finally after 80 years she gets her ears pierced the last time she visited my mother 3 years ago. Mother decides to buy her, her real first GOLD earrings…Since her last visit grandma never took them off, she said they meant the world to her, her first real GOD jewelry! Went to the cemetary, was on her way home and was mugged…They were two young teens, trying to rip her ears apart, they tugged and pulled so hard they flipped her ear inside out but with the earrings still attached…She got 3 tumors in her ears, and the doctor was only able to fix 2 of them in each ear he told her she had to wait till her ears healed and go through it all over again! It’s terrible when an elder can’t even go to a sacred place such as to visit a loved one after passing and getting mugged! :frowning:

It’s devastating! We live in a different country, but even so, she never has been mugged since she’s from a better neighborhood in the city… where the crime rate is not high at all and out of all her years now she gets mugged!!! :frowning:

GOD help us…

Sorry, but, New Jersey, need we say more.

Your right about other parts of the country. This isn’t really a problem in rural towns away from the city. I’ve left my wallet on the counter at the grocery store, only to find it in my mailbox later, with everything still inside. That was near home. I’ve also gotten mugged outside the metro station in Washington, D.C. :shrug:

It’s like that everywhere.

Perhaps the worst part about this is that the people who would steal from you are also the ones who are “religious”. One example would be a teenager who says abortion is a sin but robs an old woman in her house because he realizes she lives alone. To me this is one of the great detractors of organized religion.

I think my part of New Jersey, a nice suburb with extremely low crime rates, is indicative of most of the suburbs in the country. It just seems like spontaneous acts of kindness or the “pay it forward” mentality is getting more and more rare.

This has got to be the biggest non sequitur I’ve seen in a while.

Surely, you can do better than that?

And you call yourself Catholic? Your not fooling anyone here. I suppose next you’ll say that the remedy for this detraction is “unorganized” religion, or none at all.


Advice: that’s not a new idea.

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