So Mary loves us?


Why does she love us? I really don't get this. I know God loves us because God
is love. But Mary isn't love, only God is love. So what makes Mary love us? And is her love as uncomditional as God's? Why? (as in, why would it be unconditional).

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In Heaven, which is the Presence of the Most High God, we all gradually become more like Him-- that is, more loving. It is natural that those who stand in the presence of the Most Perfect love should begin to resemble that love.

Does that make sense?


It does. So does that mean everyone in Heaven, even deceased relatives, love us like God loves us? Is that true? Or is it just Mary?


She loves in the same way our very own earthly Mother does, she does so a great deal more so as well.

Do not question it, it's there, it's real, and shunning her divine mercy like this, never do again. Love doesn't fall out of the sky, it's precious, do not throw it away no matter where it comes from friend.



Hi cooldude,

God is Love, and we live in a communion of Love. A good disciple is one who follows God’s commands. The most important of which is “Love the Lord Your God, with all your Heart, with all you Soul and with all your Mind. And your neighbour as yourself”. We may be on earth and they in heaven, but are we not also neighbours?

Mary is the primary disciple of Christ and the greatest example of discipleship, the rest of the disciples in heaven have to be lovers of God in order to obey his will. God instructs us to be perfect as He is perfect, to love as we love ourselves, and as good children and disciples of God would Mary and Saints and the Souls in Heaven not love us in the same way God instructs? What’s more, even here on earth, are there conditions to the love we give ourselves? Certainly we do not say, “I’d love myself only if I get into one of the Ivies or Oxbridge; I’d love myself only if I were more attractive etc…” We love ourselves because we are, that is the same love we are instructed to give to others because they are. Would not the people in Heaven do that?

What’s more, Mary is entrusted to us as our mother and we her children, we might wonder at the love of a sibling but what of the love of a mother? Do not forget these are people who are in Heaven - Heaven is more full of love than whatever we can contemplate on earth.

Hope it helps
Zach Isaiah


[quote="coolduude, post:3, topic:182295"]
It does. So does that mean everyone in Heaven, even deceased relatives, love us like God loves us? Is that true? Or is it just Mary?


It is true. And those that are closest to God are most in love. Mary therefore is chief among the lovers of humanity, below God alone.


Mary was consecrated to God from the beginning of her conception. So at every moment of her life Mary identified with God's desire. Remember Jesus once said to His disciples that to do God's will was His food? You can say the same thing about Mary and all the saints who truly love God. Mary cared nothing except to do God's will. Therefore Mary's love for us stems from her perfect love for God. She sees how much God loves us and how much we are in need of help.

I read one interesting reflection on the passion of Christ and Mary's role in it. It says that Mary could have made entreaties with Pontius Pilate for her son to beg for His life, which would be normal for a loving mother to do. But she did not. She totally identified with God's plan and purpose that she willingly offered up her son for His sacrifice on the cross. She understood what He must go through for the sake of sinners. She went through that ordeal together with Him, with her heart pierced through and through because of love for God and love for sinners.


It was Christ's one commandment to us, that we love one another as he loved us. In this way others would know we were Christians. Thus it stands to reason everyone in heaven, thus perfectly formed to Christ, love us as Christ loves us. Make sense?


Hi, good question…

Mary loves us because she’s filled with God. She’s full of grace… she’s very close to the Trinity, closer than any other creature. Just as God helps us to love others, He also allowed her to love us unconditionally and perfectly, as our Mother.

God bless


We are united to Jesus through our baptism. He dearly loves us. Mary is His mother. Of course she loves her son’s brothers and sisters by adoption. Jesus’ desire is that all people come to Him. That’s her desire too.


[quote="coolduude, post:3, topic:182295"]
So does that mean everyone in Heaven, even deceased relatives, love us like God loves us?




"Mary shares fully in the glory of Christ because of her fullness of grace and because she shared so fully in His suffering"

" Mary pleads our cause as a most powerful Queen and most merciful and loving Mother"


Thanks for the responses :slight_smile: I understand better now :slight_smile:


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