So proud of a friend of mine


She’s going to work in Rwanda for a non-profit for one year. She just graduated with a degree in International Relations and is going to be doing administrative work, human resources, and communications. She is very intelligent and works well with people. She’s worked so hard, getting her second degree, working, and making time to volunteer in crisis pregnancy centers. She recently wrote a novel, based on a previous trip to Rwanda and her prof is helping her get published!

Though proud of her accomplishments, she doesn’t rub them into anyone’s faces. She’s a very sweet and humble girl and a very devout Christian who puts the rest of us to shame. I’m extremely proud of her and I ask that you pray for her as she finishes her last min. preparations for her trip!


nice story.

thank you for sharing that


This is the kind of story that should make headlines, not the shootings in our neighborhoods. May all the patron saints of missionaries, pray for her as well.


they should,
but I run a neighborhood newsletter and I assure you that news of shootings and car crashes are a lot easier to find.


I’d be honored to be counted amongst her friends also.
So nice to hear about positve things people are doing these days!
Prayers for her successful ministry.


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