So tell me about WYD08


The site isn’t very clear …
how much is it?
what’s incuded in the price and what is not?
what ages is it for and what do they do?
if someone has gone in the past - was it worth it?


How much is it: It depends on if you try to “blaze your own trail” or if you go on an organized tour with your diocese. Every diocese will be sponsoring their own group tours, which will probably be more expensive. Our diocese is asking $2500 - ouch! Going with a group is part of the experience, and WYD encourages you to form a group of 6 or more youth if you don’t go with your diocese.

I organized a small-group trip to WYD in 2005, and it ended up being much cheaper than what the diocese was asking for their organized trip. You need a LOT of time and effort and patience to do this, though.

What is included with the price: It depends on if you’re going on an organized tour or not…if you’re paying the diocese to go on their tour, the price includes everything. If you’re going on your own, what’s included depends on what level of package you buy. The basic package includes admission to WYD. The more expensive packages include food and lodging.

What ages is it for: The “recommended” age seems is 16-30 or something like that. In practice, most are 16-21. I know a few “older” young adults who went.

What do they do: Everything…I’ll let someone else answer this

Was it worth it: Yes, if you like traveling AND you like the people in your group. If you have low tolerence for traveling hardships, WYD is not for you. Similarly, you won’t have fun if the people in your group fight.


I didn’t go, but our parish has sent a group to each of the recent WYD celebrations, so they get the info on a place to stay and what needs to be paid for the teens. Our diocese also organizes a group for parishes that don’t do it on their own, so if you have a teen I would check with them. My understanding is that it is for basically high school age through young adult, not little kids.

It requires lots of walking and carrying of your stuff in a backpack, so the extremely unfit or physically disabled might have some difficulty. We did have one adult chaperone who had some health issues that were accommodated with some use of golf carts at the mass site, but she still had to do a lot of walking. She ended up needing medical attention after the downpour in Canada, but they did have a well-equipped tent on site.

The organizers found places to sleep all over the region at various parishes, etc. Our group slept on a gym floor in their sleeping bags and the night before the papal mass everyone from all over went to the outdoor site and slept in the open on the grass. In Canada they got rained on overnight.


Feel somewhat lucky. My son is trying to raise $4000 to go with our Parish youth group!

We went when WYD came to our Archdiocese (Denver) in 1993!:clapping::dancing: Wow! It was a fantastic experience! If I were still considered a youth and I had a spare $4000, I’d be tempted to go with my son!


the trip from Croatia would cost approximately 3000 USD. I don’t think there will be more than a hundred people from the entire country going to Sydney. Too expensive for an average Croat :smiley:

but last time it was in Koeln so a lot of us had an opportunity to go :thumbsup:
a very nice experience!


Lots of people ended up needing medical attention after the downpour in Canada…there were food and water shortages in the area we were in, and it was so crowded it was impossible to go to the other areas. So, lots of people were getting dehydrated, and when it got super-hot after the downpour, it was too much for some people to handle.

Canada was a logistical nightmare…luckily Cologne was far better organized!


I went in 1993 when WYD was in Colorado. The cost for the trip for me for 5 days including bus, food and transportation was 200.00 because my best friends youth group was going and they had an extra spot at the last minute. Also since it was a rich parish I guess some of the older parishoners donated a ton of money so whatever teen wanted to go they could.

I loved WYD, we were lucky in that we actually stayed in a hotel. The worst part about it was the heat and having to hike into Cherry Creek State Park where the mass was being held. By the time you got there you were so exhausted and sleepy that it was hard to focus on the mass. Then my best friend was one of the ones who got heat stroke oh the fun:)

But I met people from all over the world and it was great…I loved the experience.


Hi, I’ve asked my friend for more info as she is involved in organising our WYD in lovely Sydney. Here is her reply:

Hi guys! The best place to go for info on costs is: There are different packages you can buy. Yes each local diocese organises their own trip or you can go alone, but it’s definitely more fun in a group. The age range is actually about 16-35 and there will be heaps of people there in all of those age ranges. Sydney and the rest of Australia is really excited about hosting our international friends so please encourage everyone to come. (Come to Melbourne for “Days in the Diocese” beforehand!!!)

In terms of “what do we do at a WYD?” There’s a chance to celebrate the Sacraments (en mass!!!) and celebrate the diversity of cultures and charisms in our Church. There will be concerts, workshops, catechesis teachings, parties, street parades, Mass with the Pope, the chance to see some of Australian Culture and sites, and heaps more! WYD can be expensive if you are coming from another country so start fundraising now. I have been to WYD in Rome in 2000 and Cologne in 2005 and they really were awesome! It is an amazing chance to deepen your faith, share it with your fellow pilgrims, and be a witness of Christ in our World! It’s totally worth the effort!


well thanks everyone…
**it doesn’t make a lick of difference now though because I can’t afford it and all my dc will be under 14 when it comes time.:slight_smile: **


I wish you could go! :wink:

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