So They Came Back and Thank You


As mentioned in a previous post, I was trying to engage in apologetics with two JW ladies who had come to my door. The last time they came I didn’t answer the door (I was lazy and didn’t want to deal with them) and so thought that they wouldn’t come back. These two ladies came back this afternoon. I was surprised and it caught me off guard when I answered the door (I thought it would be the maintenance guy for the apartment since he was supposed to show up today).

So they asked me a leading question though I was polite and told them that it was a loaded question. I understand that it’s a tactic to talk about JW’s belief about a paradise earth and heaven but no hell. Then they changed the question to did I believe that there would be a time without crime (we talked about me as I mention in a bit) and so I said that unless people have a real relationship with Jesus that sin and evil will still be here (yes this isn’t the whole answer that could be said but I was speaking on the spot).

We talked about me being in school and how I’m studying to be an FBI agent and talked about heaven and hell. I tried to convey as much about the Catholic teaching on heaven and hell (I know I messed up explaining purgatory) since that’s what they have focused on in every meeting we’ve had so far. I even told them that I was only continuing to dialogue with them to practice Catholic apologetics. I tried to keep using Catholic as much as possible. We didn’t talk too long and they left me a little pamphlete about “paradise earth.” I did tell them that I was doing my best to be charitable and civil with them and told them that these two elements are important in apologetics (thinking in my head that their beliefs are false but their faith could be a wonderful addition to the Catholic faith). They were two very lovely ladies.

I really don’t need too much help or info at the moment. I know that I didn’t articulate things as well I as I should have and that I didn’t explain things completely and clearly. And no, I don’t expect to convert them. I just need to learn to explain better under pressure. I know what I need to go back and study and need to learn to deal better with surprises like that (them showing up out of the blue and getting into a discussion like that). (I just wish they wouldn’t do it when it was so cold out. I ended up freezing during that discussion. It’s cold outside.)

I would like to thank everyone who helped me in my previous post about this and especially jschwem, Damascus, Marilena, Jaypeeto3, and the other ex-JWs whose posts I’ve read here on the forums. And I would also like to thank the forums for allowing me to learn from other people’s mistakes and to act charitably and civilly.


Good for you. Looks like all this is turning out to be a worthwhile experience!


The only way to learn to think on your feet is to practice thinking on your feet.

In my case, I teach a Junior High Catechism class, which gives me lots and lots of practice, because they are always coming up with interesting questions.

I probably learn more from researching their questions than they do from listening to my lectures. :smiley:


Hey, I was just happy that I was able to engage in any conversation at all. (I was tired from an early morning, school, and the long drive to and from school). I just wish they would come when it’s warmer. I’m interested in doing apologetics to teach Myself.

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