So those of you who know God well. Tell me. What's He like?


Those of you who pray a lot must know God well. Have you got to know Him better and better over the years? What do you like about Him especially? Is he fun to be with? Does He have a bad temper? Are you afraid of Him? Do you feel relaxed with Him?
Your post may inspire those of us who don’t know God well to make an effort to pray harder or more often.
I think it is really important to know the one you are praying to. Otherwise it feels quite impersonal and robotic.


Oh yes! Definitely. He’s like a Father. A very responsible one.

Very Merciful and forgiving. Sometimes he punished me and I willingly accept His punishment like an obedient child.

I love spending time with him at the beach. He shared the sea breeze with me and teach me where the wind comes from. Showed me all the creatures of the sea and reminded me of Genesis chapter. One time I even asked Him to hold the rain as I need to finished my jog. Lol!

Not bad temper as He is very patient. Just “justice” punishment.

I am always afraid of offending him.

Oh yes! He helped me in my troubles and even helped me in my little troubles when I didn’t pray for it. I feel more and more confident each day and definitely more relaxed knowing that I can depend on Him.


thoughtful detailed response. thanks so much


I have tried to know him better, but the more I know about him, my knowledge of him gets progressively smaller relatively as I begin to understand the immensity and eternity of God. In the end, I am just happy to have the knowledge of Him that I do and give thanks to Him if He decides to give me more.

Whatever I do, whatever I say, he is always there with open arms to welcome me back. He doesn’t love me in spite of my faults but also because of them.

Yep. He’s got a wicked sense of humor. It can be rather dry, sometimes sarcastic, and has perfected the art of the deadpan. Case and point: the Church wanted a holy Pope in the 13th century. They elected St. Celestine V. They got the holy part, maybe just not the Pope part. (Look him up and you will will realize the joke.)

Nope. Justice and Mercy go hand in hand and Mercy is the greater of the two. If you mess up, all you have to do is go to confession, say sorry, and try not to do it again.

Nope. I am much more afraid of my own pride.

Yep. There is nothing more relaxing than allowing Christ to take away your worries and simply sit with my old Friend without a concern for the outside world.

The easiest way to learn more about God is silence. Go to him, whether through scripture or going to the Church to be before the tabernacle or monstrance and push all your worries away. Don’t think about anything other than the here and now with God. It will take time and habit, but you will start learning about Him. He talks to us constantly in our lives. We just have to sit down and learn how to listen.

God Bless,
Br. Ben, CRM




I have come to know how much God truly loves me and how I am surrounded by His care. This did not come from a head knowledge, but by many years of asking God to fill me more and more with His Spirit and to help me to know him intimately.

I believe that a head knowledge without a heart knowledge is more like that robotic impersonal feeling you are speaking about. I think we need to keep asking God and seeking Him for that heart knowledge.

When we read his word he tells us what he is like. This needs to get into our hearts as well.


@goodcatholic , I make no claims to be a great prayer , but of late I have begun to realise that I am a child of God who loves me with an unconditional love .

Also I have come to see that in many ways I am trying to do work which is not mine but God’s to do , that I am asking for what God has already granted without my being aware of it .

In the words of Meister Eckhart " I often think it is my work to find You , and in the tangle of my life I stumble into brambles of doubts and pits of uncertainties and wonder where You are hiding , and then I remember : You seek and I am found ."

Or in the words from the Cloud of Unknowing " God wants you to simply look on him and to allow him to act alone . Let your part be to guard the windows and the door against the onslaught of flies and enemies . If you are prepared to do this you have only to prevail upon him with prayer , and he will soon come to your help . Work on , then , and let us see how you manage . He himself is always most willing and simply awaits you . What are you going to do , and how are you going to lay hold on him ?"

Not easy words when we live in a society which declares that we have to be the achievers , that we have to be self-made men and women .


I don’t feel like I “know God well” and I don’t really feel like that is the purpose of my prayer. Prayer brings me into relationship with God but I feel that that is more about obeying his commands and conforming myself into the person He created me to be so that I may truly know heaven. I simply know that He is there and is looking out for me.


Great answer and such a beautiful post. I’m inspired Brother.


another awesome post. thanks.
im really glad I started this thread.


wise words. heart knowledge is a great way of putting it.


Jesus. He is Jesus who says who he was, is and is to come.


The person who knew Him best of all was the Blessed Mother.
She told the servants at the marriage feast in Cana “Do whatever He tells you.”
I’m pretty sure that’s good advice across the board.


“Yep. He’s got a wicked sense of humor. It can be rather dry, sometimes sarcastic, and has perfected the art of the deadpan.”

His sense of humor is perfect timing as well as content. I was debating whether to get another lizard when my little green anole died. I asked God what to do. Upon getting out of my car, I found a lizard lying right there on the driver’s side. It was a toy that probably a kid dropped and left there.


Good question. I have tried to know the Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit. Come. I would say He speaks to me in my thoughts. He gives me work to do and I love doing choirs for Him. He sometimes answers questions for me when I am talking to youth. I am able to answer questions with information I never knew before. That is awesome! I work with our parish youth ministry. I do things like going up to people in the pews after morning mass and say things like He hears you or He is glad you came today or just hi. One day maybe he will let me meet God the Father and Son. I know Them but I am not as close to Them,


I’m not all the way there yet, but I am working on getting to know Him personally each and every day. God is LOVE. He truly is. He wants the absolute best for us but He wants us to come to Him on our own not by force. He could save us from a lot of pain and hurt but He knows that we need to learn the Hard way sometimes by failing and falling. Also He knows that He doesn’t need us but He wants us. We on the other hand NEED Him but sadly many do not want Him. He sees with the most loving, forgiving, charitable eyes and heart. He corrects us but not to be mean. He does so because He loves us so much. He knows how shallow and inept we are but He still walks by our side and guides us no matter how much we’ve hurt Him. His arms are ALWAYS open wide waiting for us to run into them. He NEVER turns away from us but we do turn away from Him. Again He won’t force us to do His will He wants us to do so lovingly and by our choice. He gives us so many chances to make our wrongs right. He gives us so many great people to follow their examples. Even though He already knows every moment of our every day He still wants us to come and sit with Him and tell Him everything about our day our life like he’s never known it before. He LOVES US SO MUCH HE sent His only Son to suffer horribly and die for us so that we could one day be in Heaven with Him for eternity. His love is immeasurable, endless, unfathomable, unconditional and most of all really and honestly undeserved by any of us but in that too He says nope I still give it to you. None of us are worthy but He loves us even more so because we aren’t worthy. THANK YOU LORD and PLEASE NEVER let me stop knowing You, loving You, serving You, seeking You!


How much do you pray - each day - goodcatholic ?
Less than ten minutes a day, perhaps ?
At night for five minutes or so ?
I’d like to know …that’s all … I won’t judge you lol


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