So what do you tell them when they come to your door?


What do you guys tell the J Witness when they come to you’re door? I remember once I was asked if I believe in Jesus and if I’m ready for the apocalypse and I just responded with ‘‘I believe in Jesus. He’s with me and walks with me daily’’ Once I said that the guy just looked at me funny/scared and walked back slowly and left :slight_smile: I never saw him again after that! hahaha

good times!


Most J Witnesses are amiable enough, except for the two that told me I was going to go to hell…

The last visitor did return, although he got angry when I told him that any photos he had with images of beloved family members were the same idea behind statues of beloved saints. He didn’t like that. But of course, cameras weren’t available all those centuries past, and the artists weren’t burying their talents when depicting holy people or events, either.

Haven’t seen him lately…


I actually don’t even open my door anymore, when I see them coming I just keep on doing what I was doing and ignore the doorbell. My friend opened the door for them a few weeks ago…they came right after she’d cut her dog’s nails, and she had blood on her shirt because the dog had moved and she’d therefore cut the nails too deep. When they saw her, they ran away (their daughter threw up and their son wet his pants) and called the police…my friend explained it to the cop, who told the JV’s to basically cut it out. I think the JV community here might be too scared to go door to door for a while!


I just say hi, would you like a glass of water? by the time I get back with the water, they are long gone, scared off by the retablo of OL of Guadalupe on my front hall table, flanked by pillar candles with St. Jude, Sacred Heart, and other graven images.


This thread inspired me to hang a St. Benedict medal on my gate. Thanks, Tim


After having converted one missionary back to the True Faith, I regret to say that the local Kingdom Hall has blacklisted me.


When I was little, my father would SOAK the sidewalk with the water hose and keep on doing so without interruptions if he happened to be outside on those mornings. And he did more often than not, wet the passing JV’s and other non-denominationals that came by knocking. He’d make no excuses. My father received many angry looks at which he’d then make the sign of the cross. My father wasn’t very devout (to put it mildly). :o

My husband on the other hand, has had some very polite debates with a few of them. He begins by asking them if they know who wrote the Bible or the lines from scipture that they quote. They always leave before my husband pulls out his trusty bible and evangelizing pamphlets.

These days, I have a beautiful bumper sticker (yes a bumper sticker) on my front door visible to everyone that comes up our sidewalk that announces we are PROUD CATHOLICS! :thumbsup:

Since I put that sticker up, I haven’t had anyone come knocking…I guess they’ve washed their hands and feet of us since we’re on our way to heck in a handbasket! :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t quite get to finish my last post, because I had to wake my son up from his nap and then do dinner. But I do have another story to share! It’s about one time when I accidentally scared one away…

Back a few years ago when I was 19, in college, and had just rented my first place, I was wanting to become a Christian but didn’t know what denomination to be. (Thankfully I finally found the One True Church!!!) But so when a JV knocked on my door one day, I was actually glad to have someone to talk to about this stuff. I happily welcomed the person into my home, and into the living room. Except she didn’t come completely in, she stayed in the hall for a bit, her eyes having immediately noticed the huge glass and wood enclosure beside my sofa.

Wanting to know what the heck was in there, I exuberantly explained that it was Jericho, my 13 foot albino burmese python. I gushed about him as I went over to the cage. Jericho was very docile, and such a sweet guy…and my favorite pet. I opened the cage door and sort of partially disappeared inside the big cage, put my hands around him and began to gently pull him out. I looked up, and the JV was outta there!!!

I’m not being facetious, I really wasn’t trying to scare off the JV. I was looking forward to the religious discussion, and I just loved introducing Jericho to everyone I met. Everyone who actually gave Jericho a chance ended up loving him. Poor thing died young last year (sure some of you won’t be sad, oh well), we think due to a genetic defect. My daughter and I still miss him very much.

But I guess that JV wasn’t willing to go very far to save my soul, huh? LOL :slight_smile: I got her to go away without even meaning to…go figure.


I used to try and show them from my Bible where their Bible was not an accurate translation, and show them that Jesus is indeed God. (They have their own translation of the Bible and are not Trinitarian.) That was a waste of time. Then one day I said I would be happy to meet with them in my home to discuss these things, but they had to understand that I was going to try to convert them, just like they were going to try to convert me. One of them agreed, but I think her partner talked her out of it, because they never showed up. Many of them are ex-Catholics and voraciously anti-Catholic, like these ladies were. After that incident, they have not showed up, so I think I am blacklisted as well. I also think they were very surprised to find a Catholic who was familiar with the Scriptures. It threw them off-guard.

I have decided to make no further attempts to engage them in conversations. I will just slide my Crucifix back and forth on it’s chain and tell them : No need for further conversation, I am a firmly committed Catholic.


Great question! I have a number of Catholic Answers tracts in a file by the door dealing with issues espoused by JW’s, Mormons and other come to the door groups, such that they are typically coming to leave me literature,….great! But I don’t accept anything from them unless they accept something from me.

My experience has been they don’t know what to do? Given the facts as particularly brought out by the tracts and factual basis that has put me in, they haven’t liked that position and I think they received information on their religion that they didn’t know to begin with. I now kind of look forward their visits, but I may have been black listed.

I don’t think that know what to do when I have the chance to evangelize!


We talk about the trinity. I compiled a list of numerous NT verses regarding Jesus’ divinity and correlated them to OT verses, as in, “If Moses read this NT verse, what would he think?” The answer is always a plain, clear, obvious, “Moses would think Jesus was his very own Jehovah” :smiley:


" Thanks, I’m pretty busy with the Gods that I already worship, but if I find the need to add another to my pantheon, I’ll be sure to call you to discuss the possibility. Have a nice day."


I tell JW’s right off the bat that I am Episcopalian and that Jesus Christ IS God. I also quote a few scriptures to them that they have molested in their New World Translations joke of a Bible like the first chapter of John’s Gospel that proves that Jesus is God.

If the ones at the door happen to be Mormon, I just invite them in for a nice HOT cup of coffee and they leave and I never see them again!


I tell them " I already got one."… a religion of course.


A friend of mine told me that once they came to his door, and he told them that he was Catholic, and he really wanted to share the truth with them, but once they heard the truth, they were bound by it and their salvation would be at stake. He told them that this was a very serious matter.

They said thank you and left.


I’ve not had one come to my door yet, but if they do I can give them big handshakes and tell them “you’re shaking hands with a person who was saved by three blood transfusions–two from anonymous blood donors and one from Jesus Christ!”.

It’s the truth, after all. :thumbsup:


I love that!! Good one and true too.


Today, I look through the peep-hole & if there’s no one on the other side I recognize, I don’t open the door.

But before I started doing that I used to tell them I was Mormon (I know, it was a lie, and I have to confess them) & offer to give them the copy of the Book of Mormon that the last Mormon missionary insisted on giving me. When they say that they are just so busy that they don’t have time to read it, and thus refuse it, then I tell them that I understand, because I am too busy to read their pamphlet! And then I would say goodbye and close the door.

I actually feel a bit sorry for door-to-door solicitors of any kind. People don’t want to be disturbed in their homes and, lately, haven’t always been very charitable in letting solicitors know that. Solicitors have a terrible lot in life.

Having said that, the right to peace and privacy in your own home trumps the right of someone, anyone, coming to solicit your attention to whatever message they have ~ be it religious, commercial, charitable, etc. If I want something, whatever that might be, I’ll call and ask about it. I wish that people would stop going door to door for ANYTHING!!


It IS the truth, and thank you for your support of hosemonkeys.:thumbsup:


My grand-mother told them that football was her religion. Go the Eels!

I had a copy of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC sitting on my turntable and when I saw them coming up the drive-way I started it playing. This guy came to the door with his young daughter and as soon as he heard the music he literally covered her ears with his hands and lead her away.

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