So what exactly is "CHRISTIAN UNITY"?? (Or what should it be?)


Frequently at Mass I hear some vague, nebulous intercession for “Christian Unity.”

So what exactly is “CHRISTIAN UNITY”?? (Or what should it be?)



I’m a convert to Catholicism.

I pray that soon, the Church Militant will be Catholic, as is the Church Suffering and the Church Triumphant.

“…Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…”


AMEN! Everybody comes home!


Christian dialogue is essential to Christian unity for all to be part of christiandom.:smiley: Sorry but that question was hard to pick a choice. Is that a word Christiandom? I never heard it before.
Christains are followers of Jesus Christ, in unity with the Holy Spirit and the Father God.
Every time we make the Sign of the Cross, we acknowledge the central mystery of the Christian faith; that our God is not one but three–divine person in one God. It is the one statement that seperates us from all of the other religions in the world, and it is the foundation for everything else that we profess and believes as Catholics.
So every body raise your hand that wants to claim this unity!

As Paul reminds us we are the body of Christ, and a body in not s single part but many 1 Cor 12;14
Romans 5;5 Jesus promises that as we deepen our relationship with one another our lives will start to reflect the very life of the Trinity and that is how we can experience the joy we are meant to know as Christians.

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Christendom was the state of Christianity before heretics and schismatics splintered it into different sects. Today we have Christianity, but not Christendom.


Those who claim to follow Christ should be the first to speak for peace, the first to show kindness, the first to exhibit a loving nature, the first to show patience…it is in the fruit of the Spirit that unity will occur.

When those of us who seek to follow Christ will serve in His name and walk in the Light of our understanding, “unity” will take place.

Unity isn’t a “set of beliefs” or an accepted bank of sacraments…Unity is in our relationship with Christ and one another.

It is a falacy that there was a “unified” church from the very beginning…almost from the start groups were formed…“I am of Paul, I am of Cephas, I am of Apollos…”…the dominant group that eventually became the Roman/Greek Church claimed all who disagreed with them as “heretic”…but these heretics also believed they were “Christians” and members of the Body…with the discovery of Nag Hamaddi, Dead Sea Scrolls, the Judas Gospel, we see early Christianity was much broader in scope with belief and practice than our former written history exhibited…but then our history was written by the “victors” of the struggle of Christian sects. The Reformation is simply another byproduct of this struggle that never went away…it just went underground for a time.

Christian unity has never been nor will it ever be in “singleness of belief”…true unity is found in those who follow Christ and find the fruit of the Spirit exhibited in their lives…it breaks down all the barriers…“thay they all may be one as we are One.”


How does one commit oneself to work for the unity of Christains?

The desire to restore the unity of all christians is a gift from Christ and a call of the Spirit. This desire involves the entire Church and it is pursued by conversion of heart, prayer, fraternal knowledge of each other and theological dialogue.


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Keep in mind that the “I am of Paul, I am of Cephas, I am of Apollos” was a reprimand by Paul to lead the believers in one unified faith.


But then again, that would determine how one interprets the Scripture according to the formation of one’s conscience in regards to unity.:confused:


Yes, I realize it was a reprimand…kind of like saying “I am Catholic, I am Methodist, I am Presbyterian”…all are one in Christ…my ideas of “unity” aren’t confused, we simply base unity on different things…I base unity on a mutual relationship with Christ, you base it on the “right church.”


Are you saying that Jesus did not have a singleness with the Father? for you quoted from Jesus’ prayer to the Father from John Chapter 17. To me it seems to that Jesus was praying for a unity in belief in Him? and through Him? Not an option to pick and choose. Though we are not to the point of that unity, it appears that unity will come only through belief in Christ. And that is what He and the Father wants, No? That seems pretty singleness of belief to me.

[size=1]John 17:20[/size] And not for them only do I pray, but for them also who through their word shall believe in me. John17:21 That they all may be one, as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee; that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. John 17:22[size=1] And the glory which thou hast given me, I have given to them: that, they may be one, as we also are one. [/size]


What I’m saying is it is the work of the Holy Spirit that makes us one in Christ…it’s not “doctrine” that makes us one or which church we belong to that makes us one…but the Holy Spirit who works in our lives…One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism…it is through the Holy Spirit we are baptized into His Body…He alone is the Head…it is our mutual trust, faith, hope in Christ that makes us one…not our doctinal statements about Him, but Him personally as He indwells His Chosen People…those that put their faith and trust in Him and share Incarnation with Him.


Is this not a doctrinal statement that you are making? for is not the definition of doctrine -** a** : something that is taught b : a principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge or system of belief.?

Are you not presenting a principle that you adhere to? Is this not what you are teaching about your understanding of Christ? the Holy Spirit? Faith?
Is this not doctrine? which you accept? or which you want or wish others to believe or understand?


“Church” with a capitol “C”, yes. Unfortunately, with the confusion of denominations, it is forgotten what “Church” means and one typically looks at faith from a standpoint of “just give me Jesus”. As I have asked so many who have said that before: “What does it mean to ‘just give me Jesus’?” What does this mean in regards to abortion, contraception, war, homelessness, marriage, Holy Communion, Baptism, and the list goes on? Is one to say that there are many different answers. Can one say for example “yes, Holy Communion is physically Christ present and yes it is purely a symbol and to say He is present is idolatry”? Or are these things not important? When we answer these questions by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we define doctrine, which in turn is encompasses in what is known as the Church. Even though within this Church, there are many gifts (eg, preaching, administration, service, etc.) all who belong believe the SAME things. That is unity.

But then again, it’s all according to how one interprets things regarding their view of unity.

  1. Realistic answer:
    *]Why bother ? It’s not going to happen. And even if it did, there would only be a rumpus about something else five minutes later[/LIST]2. Nerdy answer:
    *]The unity of the Church in Christ is a Trinitarian mystery - so it has never been lost[/LIST]3. Latitudinarian answer:
    *]Whatever people make it to be[/LIST]4. Cynical answer:
    *]Who cares ? It’s all a load of totally meaningless gobbledygook invented by people who have far too much time on their hands[/LIST]5. Responsio Ultramontana:
    ]Quodvultiscunque illud esse declaret Summus Pontifex[/LIST]6. True answer
    ]Don’t ask me - I dunno :slight_smile: It’s a nice idea though - lovely, even; but it’s not going to happen: not unless a lot
    of people miraculously forget their beliefs; or have the contents of their brains wiped by wandering Martians. Which is no more unlikely[/LIST]It’s like the other intercessions - it’s included because it is one of those Churchy things the Church says; but no one seriously imagines that God is going to do anything about it. That would be ridiculous. :slight_smile:


What does Dùn Èideann ann an t-Alba translate to?


IMHO what Paul is speaking of is the foundation of the Church.
One baptism of which Paul did not baptize, but was done in Christ as one, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

He was saying he was as much a servant and minister as we are to be to each other.

Our unity is expressd as our Love of Christ as love for one another.

If you want to go back go to where Jesus was trying to get all the disciples to get along. It was difficult. But it was His command not a request.

So our mutual relationship with Christ (and) each other in love.

‘The church’s deepest nature is expressed in proclaiming the Word, celebrating the sacraments, and exercising charity. these duties presuppose each other and are inseperable.’


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I voted for the top one. But do any of you think that the Protestant reformation provided a nudge to the Church or to us Catholics. I mean would we be having the Mass in the vernacular, Catholic laity more interested in the Scriptures now, etc without those events? Or do you think that God would have guided the Church to these changes anyway?


If you don’t think that God has always guided the Church through the Holy Spirit then you need to back up and pray about your faith in such.

I know the traditionalist aren’t going to like me making these statements, but I voted the second only because I can see the positive inspirations and blessings from my perspective.

I was away from the Church for about 40 years only occasionally visiting with my mom on mom’s day but not receiving the sacraments. There is much more openess now than in the Latin days. To hear the readings is wonderful and everything in English especially the Psalms is enlightening. At first i wanted to hear the Latin just because my vernacular was way back in my memory and didn’t want to change. Yes change is good it means growth yes it should be governed and maybe go back some too to tradition but let’s not throw out the new traditions or the new babies with the bathwater. I never thought I would ever see some of the new things combined with the’s;
Byzantine icon’s, the East was a far far thing and I didn’t think that Orthodox was even Catholic, at all.
The Holy Father speaks english on TV as would you want to go back and have no EWTN Eternal Word Network ? No I didn’t think you would. Now was Mother Angelica led by the Holy Spirit? Yes but I do remember when TV was thought of as maybe a demon to our culture.
The music is very good and I now see Catholic contemporary artists sing some wonderful music, ie rosary tapes chants, praise and worship, and the instructional could bring everyone to to studies for a long time and gives us more options for our DVD players and TV shows as why should the protestants have a monopoly on the available media.
Why should they anyways?
I was lured away from the RCC by many means but am being wooed back to a real understanding in my heart and mind and soul and those that have had it you can’t see it because you have had the privilage of being in it all your lives.
My mass does get noisy, and we do need quiet time as this is why I love the adoration moments and rosary time, and there are not a lot there to attend, but guess what there were only 11 at the beginning with Jesus and at ours there are some from every age group and if you take a poll of your church you will find many of different backgrounds as Jesus showed us as the apostles were many different trades in their lives.
I believe that John the apostle was very young and learned from Jesus and the elders of the group and when Jesus went to heaven to expected him to continue to get the nuturing he needed from the rest and that is what will bring us unity as I continue to listen to the older folks in my parish that continue to come to daily and I don’t just learn from the sermon from father but these older ones have been taught by many ‘fathers’ over their 8o years of faithfully serving the Church and have gone with th changes and probably have rejected and written to the bishops for years about abuses aand they are our founding fathers in our parishes.
Well I have talked too long but wanted to give you a few words for thoughts.

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