So what if I don't like wings and halos?

(Nerd switch to ON position)

I am 35 and LOVE RPG’s (not anime though! uuggghhh)

I LOVE being the paladin or church knight guy because you get to use weapons and also some magic, which is better than the typical “warrior”. I have a real hard time being an evil character in an RPG though. :slight_smile: kind of funny.

Cleric class though, that’s is kind of lame- I mean focus on HEALING come on. . . . .

I’m just stoked about Skyrim coming out!! (currently playing Dark Souls)

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I aim to please. :tiphat: :wink:

You can turn it off and on? Don’t tell my wife. She’s been looking for my nerdiness off switch for years. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not so much about alignment. For example, Warlocks in DnD can still be aligned Good (albeit Chaotic) and they’re my favorite spell-casting class so far. It’s got a limited spell repertoire but veeeeery nice damage output, hehehehe. >B)

I just don’t like being a meatshield and I’d rather avoid melee combat if I can help it. I really don’t like bulky armor, shields are way too heavy, and I’d rather ride a dragon than a horse. I’m more partial to robes, hoods, and stylish clothing like this dude.

As for play style, I’m not really the kind to ‘Charge oh so nobly into battle!’. I’m more of a rain-death-from-above-and-enjoy-watching-you-squirm-from-a-distance type of guy.

Now on the subject of personality, I’ve a love-hate sort of view. At best, I find knight types noble, honest, self-sacrificing, and possessing a strong sense of honor. At worst, I find them brash, thickheaded, gullible, arrogant, and fanatically preachy. The hot-headed ones are those I have the lowest respect and patience for.

My gripe with cleric types isn’t as harsh as knights. I just can’t see myself being one. I hate being a supportive character (though I owe a lot to those who do). You’d have to be either a doctor or a soul of charity to enjoy nothing but heal and buff people all the time. Me though, I think I pretty much established how I like being a glass cannon.

When it comes to fashion, I’d have to say the only difference of opinion would be on choice of color scheme. I don’t like white very much… or pink… or yellow. You get my point. XD (That and of course head gear.)

On the subject of personality, it’s same thing. The worst are the preachy ones but they shut up since wizards are more likely to summon something large to keep them quiet. On the other hand, I actually have quite a crush on female ones who are your typical religious ingenue. :o;)

Mwhahaha! I beat both you. I destroyed mine ages ago! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! :whacky:

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