So what if Jesus said He's the bread of life?! Jesus said He's the door too!

OddBird . . .

I’m not attacking the Real Presence.

I never said or thought you were.

OddBird . . .

If we’re going to play this game, and with all the respect and admiration I have for Hahn, I graduated from Seminary too

Your misding the point.

The point is, that Bithynian said no Protestant . . . etc.

And there are very high caliber Protestants who are now ex-Protestants that DID think this was significant enough to bring up.

Not that you are not well-versed in Greek. (I am not well-versed in Greek, but I trust these men (Hahn, Staples, and Wood).

They have earned my trust.

There may be better arguments to defend the Real Presence in John 6, but I did not intend to post the best argument (that was another equivocation against my post).

It’s not. It’s exactly what I was taught, and then taught myself, in a Protestant theology faculty at a public university. It is difficult to make a good case for a particular significance of trôgein from Koinè Greek, and if we’re going to explain why John 6 makes such a convincing case for the Real Presence, particularly in an apologetical context, it’s better we look elsewhere.

You are making the same mistake I just commented on.

I have no problem with “looking elsewhere”.

But that does not mean this is not a reasonable argument in a Catholic’s defense of the Catholic view of the Bread of Life discourse.

What are you arguing about then ?

I am arguing that the phago/trogo aspect is a reasonable ancillary point to consider, when doing an apologetic on the Catholic view of the Bread of Life Discourse.

And it is a reasonable ancillary point to bring up.

And I will continue to bring it up.

then I’ll say it again, yes, a lot of Greek-wise Protestants around me would smile at trôgein being used as, as @Bithynian put it, “a smoking gun”.

Then I’ll say it again too.

I’ve learned that from them (now ex-Protestants) so they must not be laughing or smiling too hard.

Edit: Actually, rather than this devolve into an acrid dispute, I wish to bow out of this thread as well. Thank you, @Oddbird, for understanding the point that I was attempt (seemingly unsuccessfully) to communicate.

Well. Jesus also said “I am the way.” Is he the literal “way”? YES! He literally is THE ONLY WAY. Literally is the ONLY door to enter into Heaven.

He didn’t say I am ‘a’ door. He said He is THE door. And He is!

WillC . . .

Well. Jesus also said “I am the way.” Is he the literal “way”? YES! He literally is THE ONLY WAY. Literally is the ONLY door to enter into Heaven.

Yes of course in that sense he IS the literal door too.
(But as you said too, not A literal door).

But I think the sense that Jesus intended was, in both cases, reflected by the hearers reaction.

And of course in the Bread of Life Discourse, the response of His hearers correctly was . . .

How can this man, give us His flesh to eat!!?

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