So what should I do now?

So a little while ago I started a thread asking for advice regarding a community I’m interested in not responding to my inquiry. It’ going on a month and I have tried emailing, calling and leaving a message, and writing a letter but no response. I did send one of the sisters (there are two of them right now-it’s an emerging community) a friend request and she has accepted. I am sure they are busy but their facebook page DOES say that they are now accepting inquiries into their life. I notice she is on facebook everyday. I feel temped to write on her wall or send her a short message asking if she got my email or letter but I don’t want to be an obnoxious nagging pest. I am getting very frustrated because I really feel that I must communicate with this community, and I’m stuck in my discernment until I do so. I could explain why that is so but it’s sort of irrelevent to my question.

Shana, I sympathize with your dilemma.

You might consider it the way you would if you were trying to become friends with someone, or maybe trying to date someone. No response, no interest.

I would leave your current attempts to contact this emerging community and move on, at least temporarily. If they get back to you, you can take it from there.

It sounds as if there is something ‘wrong’. They are in turmoil; maybe the formation of this community is not going forward–there are serious financial or canonical obstacles. Maybe there is something about your letter or contact that gives them pause (I can’t imagine what it would be). Who knows?

You might consider other communities, or just continue with school for now and let the process unfold.

I think that you’ve done everything that is reasonable to do.

I think this is good advice. You have made every effort to contact them through the normal channels. Belaboring the point doesn’t seem helpful.

You say they are a small, emerging community. It is possible they don’t know how to handle inquiries just yet (even as they seek them). Sometimes these things take a long time for reasons unknown to us.

I facebooked what I thought is your community and it doesn’t sound as if they’re ready to start a novitiate yet. They appear to still be looking for a convent.

I realize that they are looking for a convent right now but I’m confused as to why they have stated multiple times (I have read other things online written by them) that they are interested during this time to build up relationships with potential vocations to their community when in reality they aren’t responding…it’s very frustrating for me. I wish they would at least put up some sort of disclaimer that they are unable to process/ deal with the inquiries at this point so people don’t get discouraged.

Maybe you should try writing a message on the wall page just to say hello?

Try and get a conversation started or at least a response or two without mentioning your letter and then maybe after that you could tell them you are the girl that wrote them about their community for more information.

I’d say if nothing comes from that, then anode is right, it might be time to move on, at least temporarily…

Well I just left a message on her wall asking if she received my email or letter and if they are accepting inquiries at this point. I couldn’t resist any longer.

I don’t blame you.

At least this way you’ll know one way or the other. With only 2 sisters in the community, it sounds as if they might not be ready to handle any inquirers at this point even though they say they are.

Good luck!:slight_smile:

Yup, so it seems that she is deliberately ignoring me. She responded to another person’s wall post but not mine…awesome.:shrug::confused::crying:

i think you should look for other communities. well probably i’ll try using the facebook chat when they’re online.

and hey i love the Daughters of Saint Paul. How I miss the two sisters I know. :frowning: They were sent to other communities.

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