So what would happen if the Pope changed dogma?

First of all I mean this in all seriousness. Lets say the Pope did change Dogma by doing something like saying that Abortion is okay or that women can be priests. What would happen to the church? Would the Pope in that case be kicked out? Would the laity be responsible to kick him out? Do we form a “new” church and leave the official but now heretical church? I know this probably will never happen but have any theologians ever speculated on what if this happened. Also how does this effect infallibility if the Pope does something not a part of Dogma?

Nothing for it could not happen.

The church would schism.

No for it could not happen. One ought not be concerned about what cannot happen.

How can it not happen? What if we got a truly evil but charismatic pope? People are fallible and anything could happen though I am sure God wouldn’t let that happen.

Jesus is protecting His Church and the papacy. No pope can ever change the teachings of the Church. We have had some really bad popes in the past, but not one of them ever changed the teaching of the Church; it can’t and will never happen.

Some theologians (Father Sullivan) say that the teaching on women priests is not infallible dogma and therefore can be changed.

Those theologians are wrong. They are in the same class as geologists who claim the Earth is flat.

Why worry about something that can’t happen. Lord, even the corrupted popes of the renaissance didn’t change dogma, I certainly don’t think pope Francis will.

Don’t worry, it will never happen. While the Pope is the head of the Church, the Holy Spirit is the Head of the Pope. Jesus promised His Church would NEVER error. That’s why He sent the Holy Spirit. Look around and see how many other denominations are teaching error today. (many accept abortion, divorce and remarriage not just once but sometimes several times, birth control, homosexuality, etc,etc.etc. No Pope ever has nor ever will change Dogma, (Doctrine). So relax and trust Our Lord to mean what HE says. God Bless,

That is your opinion, but they remain in good standing in the Roman Catholic Church.

When it happens let me know, let’s focus on realistic problems right now like gay marriage and abortion instead of fantasizing over extremely unlikely to impossible scenarios.

It’s sort of like a self correcting system.

Were a pope to do that…the very act of going against an established truth would be used as proof that that person acting as pope IS NOT POPE. Because pope’s don’t make errors in such matters…and to go against something established as true…is all the evidence one needs to conclude “you must not be legitimately the pope…because pope’s don’t err…and you just erred.”

That’s the beautiful logic embedded in the Church. Most people don’t understand this.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for such a thing to happen.


Not something worth worrying about. I agree with the other posters in that it is something that can not happen. Can not. Will not.

A lot of things were said to be something that could not happen but did, for example, clown Masses or dragons in Masses.

Okay now we are getting somewhere. So let’s say a pope were to do this. Would there be another conclave?

That was NOT done by the Pope or the Magisterium of the Church, just by some erring people in the Church. Hope the dragons weren’t real !!! God Bless, Memaw

They were celebrating Chinese New Year and there were dragons (people dressed in the dragon outfits) snaking throughout the Church. We were told that if you touch the dragon as it snaked through the church, it would bring you good luck. I am not aware that anyone was censured in any way for these type of Masses. In fact, there are videos of dancing girls at the Masses of Cardinal Mahony in Los Angeles, and they went on for several years without any repercussion.
So, they said that things like this could not happen, but they did.

But I guess the point is that the actual Church hasn’t fallen. But I do agree with your point that at some point something could happen. Popes are men too and even with infallibility , it doesn’t mean mistakes won’t happen. All I know is that at the point a pope did this, he would cease to be the pope.

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