So what's next?

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Well, it’s looking like this election is going to be a win for Obama, so what’s the plan for the next four years? Without another election looming over Obama’s head, are we in more trouble than before. How do you think this will affect us and what, if anything, can and will we do? Not to be Johnny Raincloud or anything, but I’d like your opinions.

We must catechize, catechize, catechize and be the example! We must stem the tide of moral relativism, individualism, hedonism and minimalism that has defined our culture over the last 40 years. Politics is downstream of culture. I think the next generation is our best hope. They are searching and seeking for the immutable truth. We must set the example in our personal lives. We must show them authentic lives as followers of Christ.

I’m not sure you can even post this thread here, the political posting rules here are screwy…but the short answer is no one knows. No one could have predicted the events of the last 4 years, such as:

Why would the regime take on the Catholic Bishops, who had been if not helpful at least consistently neglecftul? No one knows.

Why would the Obama campaign decide that the legality of artificial contraception was a critical winning issue? No one knows.

How can you disburse 5 trillion dollars without visible evidence that it ever existed? No one knows.

In a world where these things are possible, apparently anything is. Good luck to all of us.

I fear that we have handed our great nation over to our ideological enemies. I fear that some form of birth control will one day be mandatory for my nowyr old daughter, in order that she may be forced to use in order to be covered by a substandard state sponsored health care plan. I fear that she will grow up in a nation where she can get an abortion easier than she can find a midwife to assist her in natural childbirth in a hospital setting. I fear that my 73 yr old father will be denied needed procedures because of his age. God help us all.

What’s next?

War with Iran and conscription.

I plan to go deeper than ever into Catholicism. I may be an American citizen, but - even though I was born here - I’m not going to call myself an American anymore. I will put my faith first. I am now more than ever a citizen of the Vatican and a child of the crucified Christ.

In the words of Saint Francis of Assisi - when his father forced him to renounce even the clothes off of his back before Bishop, and St Francis stripped nude and handed them over to his Dad before everyone present - “Now I can honestly say - My Father who art in Heaven…”


God help us. PLEASE!!!

“Enemies”? Why such drastic rhetoric?
Why can’t it be: “the President has different beliefs than me and some I disagree with passionately…I am terribly upset, but I have faith that my government is larger than just one man or one party”? Why call him or Democrats “enemies”?

Did Jesus preach hatred? Did he preach attacking that which is different from you?

We’re all in this together, people. Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim…whatever. This ain’t the Super Bowl. No group is going to “win”. If our planet is to be saved it starts with each and every one of us having love in our hearts for EVERYONE. Look across the aisle and ask Jesus to show you the common thread, what unites us. Therein lies our solution.

Did you vote?

I think one result on the horizon is that the Catholic Church will be forced to move its massive charity work to countries that allow its moral positions, leaving a big gap in the needs of the poor here.

I didn’t mean the democrats a are our enemies. I was talking about Putin. Who do you think is behind all of this nonsense with Iran? I hope the Democrats and their supporters wake up and recognize the global threats facing us all. Oh, I forgot to mention China… No, the Democratic party is not our enemy.

The only way you’re going to stop the culture of death is by taking out the Death Star.

Roe v. Wade must be overruled.

Look at all the efforts that went into the push for religious freedom… Why can’t these resources be used to start building up the intellectual capital needed to win at the Supreme Court?

All we have left is prayer. Lots of prayers.

A life of prayer and a life of the spirit nurtured by the Sacraments of Confession and Communion.

Pray the Rosary everyday.

CRUSH THE REPUBLICANS. That’s what we must do.

Did you see the percentages? It looks like the nation is fairly evenly split to me. We are a nation divided, a nation at odds.

So, what’s next? Sackcloth and ashes maybe for mourning and penace?

Since most of Obama’s supporters favor abortion rights, the fact that he is not subject to any more elections means that he is now less beholding to those supporters than before. So there is now less pressure on him to push abortion rights. The most we can say is that we are in the same amount of trouble as before - not more, and maybe even a little less.

I really don’t think crushing the Republicans, more of which are pro life than democrats and support Catholic opposition to the HHS mandate, would be a wise move. I also do not like the Democrat style of social justice, in which people are treated like a number rather than a soul, and in an extremely wasteful, inefficient manner (if you’ve ever used a government service, you know what I mean). Their brand of social justice takes Christ and the soul out of the equation. Is it worth it to have the government feed the poor but destroy our faith? Or would it be better to feed them ourselves?

And I don’t trust Republicans, either, but they are often a less-intrusive option. Eventually, it won’t matter who we vote for. This country needs God more than ever, and if we do not turn to Him, nothing will save us.

I just hope our Bishops stand strong.

The Bishops must really make it clear what the RCC stands for. During the Civil Rights push Pastors used the pulpit. The Bishops and Priests are are afraid to speak out. They must become clearer and leaders.

We need to deinstitutionalize charity work. We need to continue helping the needy. But if we are not organizations, then the government cannot do anything to regulate us. Forget tax breaks, we need to do this because we are good Christians.

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