So, where is Trump's new health plan?

Another lie, if repeated enough (like building a wall that Mexico will pay for) will be swallowed by the gullible.

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Yeah. Where did it go?

Maybe he put it under the beans?

No. Not there.


Maybe he was just joking? That’s what his fans are always saying.

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Americans get stiffed again.

Yes. It must be one of those jokes.

He’s really funny.


It was a spur of the moment lie when he told it. We all knew that.


The Democrats have voted against 4 COVID-19 stimulus plans, does one really expect any cooperation?

As pathetic as the general government is at healthcare (see VA), perhaps the best healthcare plan they can provide is none at all.

Except when they’re out of a job.

That is what the Church is for. That is what charities are for. If need be, that’s what local and state governments are for.

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