So who is watching the XLF? It's opening weekend

So who is watching the XLF? This is opening weekend. So far it is a nice alternative to the NFL. As someone who hasn’t watched the NFL for a few years now this is a great alternative so far. It’s nice to be able to watch football again.

It’ll be interesting to see how this league turns out. I’ll be rooting for the NY Guardians since former Penn State QB Matt McGloin is under center. He played well enough in their easy win over TB today.

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TB looked terrible. They need to let their backup QB play.

It’s interesting to have a league with no known favorites, aside from players we already know. It means we can root for a close game, every game, to see what they can do. For example, I’ve noticed that some teams are good at catching interceptions. :zap:

Believe it or not, the inaugural season of the revived XFL is already 20 percent complete. And after the first two weeks of the spring league’s 10-week schedule, we’ve already got a pretty solid picture of which teams might be strong enough to make a serious run.

The DC Defenders, for example, have now opened two straight Saturdays with dominant performances, and their quarterback, Cardale Jones, has become something of an early XFL sensation, remaining undefeated as a starter since college and eliciting “MVP” chants in the nation’s capital. Barring an unforeseen explosion from another team – other than, say, June Jones’ Houston Roughnecks – it’s already hard not to envision the Defenders rolling their way toward a potential XFL title. (And, as a bonus, they’re actually pretty darn fun to watch.)

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