So, who wrote the bible?


Im just curious…
Since some of the people on this forum do not think the bible is the word of God, who do you think wrote the bible?


God through by guiding men by the workings of the Holy Spirit, which flow through his Church (Catholic Church). The Church compelled list of the Scripture and approved NT to be use in their liturgical worship.


Yes I agree with you. Im am a catholic…
Im trying to understand what non believers in the bible think.
Thanks for your input :slight_smile:


They will likely say, that the Bible was there in the beginning. LMAO…kidding

They will deny that the Catholic Church have anything to do with the formation of Biblical Canon… most of them by the way. They like to discredit the Catholic Church rather than acknowledge the fact that CC help form the canon of Scripture…


I hear ya!
Ive not really asked this question before and im curious of what people will say…


See here: Where Did The Bible Come From




Like it was just said, God, through the prophets and the Apostles, wrote down the words of God. Albeit, only certain manuscripts were considered Canonical, there appears to be many other manuscripts, equally as old, that did not find favor in th eyes of the CC. Examples of this are the Nag Hammadi manuscripts. Also, there are various writings from some of Christ’s disciples that are made available today, which paint an often different picture of Christ, His youth and His ministry.



Actually, you are very right. The TORAH was in the beginning. The Almighty

“Moses wrote all of God’s words” (Exodus 24:4). Before completing the covenant, he read this part of the Torah. It is written, “[Moses] took the Book of the covenant, and read it so that the people would hear. They said, ‘All that God has spoken, we will do and we will listen’” (Exodus 24:7).

After this, God would call Moses to the Tent of Meeting (Ohel Moed) to dictate the Torah to him. God would call Moses, and Moses would acknowledge that he was ready.

God would dictate each passage, and Moses would repeat it aloud.

God would dictate each passage of the Torah to Moses, and Moses would repeat it aloud. He would then write it down.

God would dictate a paragraph to Moses, and then give him a break in order to consider it. These breaks are preserved in the Torah in the form of spacings, dividing the text into paragraphs (parshiot).

So, yes indeed - it was in the beginning.:slight_smile:


Before the Torah was written it was orally pass down. God always been in the beginning. Not the Scripture par say


Who wrote the Bible?

This video is presented by a Christian academic theologian who makes a fair attempt to answer this question.


King James, right?



Nope not that. I don’t think Christians would agree with Islam in any shape or form.


It is interesting (and problematic) that there is no mention of writing in Chapters 20, 21, 22 or 23 of Exodus. There’s not mention there, even when Moses goes up Sinai of anything being written. This might lead one to suspect that Chapter 24 was written later, when text took on more importance, as a way of validating the written Torah.



Those who say that GodAllahYHWH wrote the Bible are mistaken. GodAllahYHWH did reveal Word of Revelation on the heart of ProphetsMessengers who were Chosen by Him. They learnt it by heart/memorized it, and then conveyed the Word to their followers, it was a valuable thing, so they also committed it to their memory by memorizing it. The revelation was not a lengthy one, so it was not difficult to do it, moreover, it was not that all the revelation was revealed on one time, it was revealed piecemeal so they could learn it.

Later, it were the scribes who were writing the life accounts of the ProphetsMessengers, even a child would say by reading a book of Bible that it has written by the scribes. It is also a misconception that the scribes were inspired by God; they were not inspired at all in my opinion. This was perhaps a method employed by the Clergy with the intention of adding some creduality to what was written by the scribes. This natually prospered blind faith. Present day man is research oriented, so it is difficult to accept this by him.

You may however differ with me with reasons.



No one wrote the Bible - Angels dropped it from heaven in the 1600’s …Silly :thumbsup:


It was put together formally in the first century by John the Baptist. He founded the Christian Church and paved the way for Christ. When he Baptized Christ…Christ became the first Baptist. Due to the geographic location of many of John the Baptists follower they became known as Southern Baptists.

So…we now know who complied the bible and also the fact that the true apostolic church is Southern Baptist.

Forget swimming the Tiber…now you know to swim the Brazos to “New Jeruslam” on the Brazos (ie Baylor University). If you can’t swim Dr. Al Mohler will gladly receive you at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky (Calvinist). Come…home.

Rev North;)



You mean to say that John the Baptist wrote the Bible. If, yes, the NTBible was not surely written by him, as he never witnessed the event of Crucifixion.So how could he describe it?




You mean to say that John the Baptist wrote the Bible. If, yes, the NTBible was not surely written by him, as he never witnessed the event of Crucifixion.So how could he describe it? Impossible



What drugs are you on?? I want some!!!

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