So why did Jesus die for us?

what’s the major sin humankind did that seperated God from man. Eve ate an apple she wasnt suppose too and God went haywire. I’m talking about the average person not murderers, rapists, adulters etc but people who tell a lie once in a while or had sex before marriage God send his son to die for that?

Jesus died for us to free us from every sin and all of our sins. You name a sin, and it’s because of it that Jesus died for us. Doesn’t matter what it is. It is for every sin, original and actual sin, which our Lord was crucified for.

Well kind of a loaded question with multiple facets. With what you state about Eve eating a apple/eating from the forbidden tree is what caused the sepparation. Why it was a command of God not to do so. God sent his Son to pay the price for all. What appears to be great sins and minor sins. A sin is a sin. All sin causes separation from God. So yes he did send his Son to pay that debt for us.

I suggest also clicking the link below. It is a online Catechism. Do a few key word searches like Original Sin ect… and it will bring you to relevant sections to read from the Catechism.

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Almighty God please grant Soncatcher and Maria all the graces and strengthes that they are in most need of during this time. May you also grant them the graces that they are in most need of to come to a closer union with You, Your Church, and each other. Lord please strengthen Maria. Pleae bring comfort and solace to this family. Lord heal them in all the areas that they are in most need of healing in accordance with Your Holy and Most Perfect Divine Will.

Little Michael please intercede for you family. I thank God that you have been given the greatest blessing one can be given and that is to be looking on the face of His Most Inifinite Majesty. Remember us below.

May the most just, the most lovable, and the most High Will of God be done, be fulfilled, be praised, and exalted in all things forever. Amen.

Hi guys,

I am very sorry for posting this here. I was not looking at the window and assumed that this was another thread when I responded. Please accept my apologies.

God bless.

The major sin Adam & Eve committed to separate themselves from God was the act of separating themselves from God. Separation from God is mans injustice-his state of sin. The Atonement is for the purpose of reconciling this very unnatural situation. IOW, the act of disobedience, itself, regardless of what it was, was a rebellion against the authority of God. It made God no longer the God of man. It killed faith and trust in God, which is why we’re born without faith, and, according to the Catechism, this disposition- this preference for ourselves over and above God-persists in us today and is something humankind needs to overcome for our own good.


Simply put, God’s Love for us.

God bless.

God went haywire?:rolleyes:
Man judging God now?!
Any other pearls of wisdom on how God’s behavior?

In regard to the Original Sin, Catholic teaching refers to the first human person, Adam. He is not the average person. Original Sin is not the major sin of humankind because humankind had not been born.

For the exact information, put paragraph 355 in the search bar. Next, click
# CCC Search Result - Paragraph355 to read the entire citation. Then follow the below prompt to enter the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition. Read all paragraphs 355-421 to get the complete picture.

Well, here’s the problem :D-- you have a very flawed view of both humanity and of God.

I’m serious.

Let’s think about this. Here is God --unbelievably magnificent, perfect, loving, and caring, who has created two beings. Given them a paradise to live in, everything they could desire to eat or drink, all they wish to do. Out of all this, He asks them not to eat ONE PARTICULAR THING.

Remember, it’s not like they’re starving and he tells them not to eat the ONLY food there is.

Here is the most perfect Being in creation who has given life to YOU, gives you all you need, and LOVES YOU, and asks of you something so SMALL as a request it’s almost pathetic. It’s as though you had been made King of the world and out of everything there was, God asked you not to watch Two and a Half Men on TV. (and you have unlimited cable and satellite).

I mean, out of pure RESPECT, they should have obeyed Him.
They didn’t.

Out of pure LOVE, they should have obeyed Him.
They didn’t.

If they couldn’t show love or respect over the tiniest thing God asked them to do, what does that say about their relationship? You don’t seem to realize how utterly and gravely SINFUL it was to disobey God. Not even disobey with a ‘reason’ (the way we try to rationalize things). No, these two decided that they were ‘above’ having to listen to and obey God. What does that say then about their ability to raise up children to listen to, love, and obey God? If they couldn’t do it over something so petty and so EASY for them to have done?

is the story in genesis on adam and eve even literal truth? did the 2 even existed.

From the Catechism of the Catholic Church which is said of by Blessed Pope John Paul II, that ‘it is a sure norm for teaching the Catholic Faith.’ [emphasis mine]

#105 God is the author of Sacred Scripture. “The divinely revealed realities, which are contained and presented in the text of Sacred Scripture, have been written down under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.”

For Holy Mother Church, relying on the faith of the apostolic age, accepts as sacred and canonical the books of the Old and the New Testaments, whole and entire, with all their parts, on the grounds that, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they have God as their author, and have been handed on as such to the Church herself.”

#107 The inspired books teach the truth. “Since therefore all that the inspired authors or sacred writers affirm should be regarded as affirmed by the Holy Spirit, we must acknowledge that the books of Scripture firmly, faithfully, and without error teach that truth which God, for the sake of our salvation, wished to see confided to the Sacred Scriptures.”

The Magisterium of the Catholic Church has always taught that the Bible and what it contains is infallible and is Truth. Why? Becuase God inspired the Bible And God is Truth. Truth and God are immutable and eternal.

God bless.

From the CCC:
390 The account of the fall in Genesis 3 uses figurative language, but affirms a primeval event, a deed that took place at the beginning of the history of man.264 Revelation gives us the certainty of faith that the whole of human history is marked by the original fault freely committed by our first parents.

“Figurative language”? So, A & E are “figurative”? In that case, why would Jesus have had to come in the flesh, very God/very man? Logically then, His deeds would also be figurative---->Docetism, anyone? :shrug:

Jesus did not die for us just because Adam’s sin separated man from God.
Jesus did not die for us to atone for our sins.
Jesus did not die for us to satisfy for our sins.
Jesus did not die for us to open the gates of heaven.
Jesus did not die for us to reconcile man back to God.
Jesus did not die for us for our eternal salvation.

All these are benefits of Jesus becoming man and His death and resurrection, but they are NOT the reason Jesus died for us. ** These are the many reasons Protestants will give but they are NOT the reason Jesus died for us.**

The Council of Trent was the first time the Church formally addressed the reason why Jesus died for us, because it was at this time errors crept in from Protestantism.

The council says that because of Adam’s sin, men were so far “servants of sin and under the power of the devil” that nothing could liberate them from their condition.

Here are the exact words:they were so far the servants of sin[7] and under the power of the devil and of death, that not only the Gentiles by the force of nature, but not even the Jews by the very letter of the law of Moses, were able to be liberated or to rise therefrom, though free will, weakened as it was in its powers and downward bent,[8] was by no means extinguished in them.
Jesus died for us to free us from our slavery to sin, to free us from being servants of sin, to free us from being under the power of the devil. Why did Jesus want to free us from being in this condition??
Because sin causes misery to ourselves and others. As the new Catechism teaches, sin is a perverse attachment to certain goods that causes a failure in love of God and our neighbor.
For example, alcohol is good, for Jesus drank and his apostles drank, but because of original sin, some people develop a perverse attachment to this good, and become alcoholics. They became slaves to sin.
Sex is good, in marriage, when used appropriately. But some people develop a perverse attachment to sex and use it outside of marriage, or in marriage use contraception. There have been quite a few congressmen lately who have suffered the misery of this perverse attachment to sex. They are slaves to sin.
And in marriage contraception causes the divorce rate to go from 4% who use natural family planning to over 30% who use contraception and even if they don’t divorce it causes unhappy marriages, because it causes failure to love their spouse. Thus this slavery to the sin of contraception causes misery in their lives.
A perverse attachment to money causes all kinds of problems, as those in the news in the last few years are good examples of.
All of us are born with this desire to sin, with this tendency to a perverse attachment to certain goods, and we CANNOT FREE OURSELVES from this desire to sin. It is impossible. Thus we are all slaves to sin. Without exception.
Jesus became man, suffered and died to save us, (free us) from this slavery to sin.
At mass we say, “By your cross and resurrection you have set us free, you are the savior of the world”
Jesus became man, suffered and died for our salvation. Salvation comes from the word save, which means to free from evil. Thus Jesus came to free us from the evil of sin, by taking away our perverse attachment to certain goods. He came to set us free, to liberate us from our desire to sin, so that we can now be free and have self control and thus be happy.
So Jesus died for our salvation. The Church defines salvation as this great gift of God which is liberation from everything that oppresses man but which is above all liberation from sin and the Evil One, in the joy of knowing God and being known by Him, of seeing Him, and of being given over to Him. (Evangelii nuntiandi)

By giving ourselves over to Jesus, by loving Him with our whole being, he teaches us, through his Church and the Holy Spirit, how to live lives free of sin and gives us the grace to do so through the sacraments, prayer and self-denial. The more we give ourselves over to him, the more we seek his grace through prayer and the sacraments, the more we are set free and the more we can love and we become freer and happier.

The more we reject Jesus and His teachings the more we become slaves to sin, which causes misery to ourselves and others.

You need to read the Catechism for yourself. No where does it suggest that A&E are figurative. And neither did I. :shrug:

First man and first woman existed. They had to, otherwise, how would we come about? Were their names actually “Adam and Eve”? No. They were probably “Dick and Jane” :D, but Adam and Eve means “first man and first woman”, so in order to get the point across, they are called “Adam and Eve”.

First man and first woman existed and committed first sin, which separated them from God and allowed evil into the world. This is true. Was it actually an apple that they ate? No. But that is good enough to get the point across that they were disobedient. The Bible is not a history book (although it does reveal historical truths as well - not always). It is God’s revelation to us. God reveals what is necessary for our salvation. God doesn’t necessarily reveal what WE want to know. It is not necessary for us to know exactly what Adam and Eve did - only that they were disobedient. So the Bible reveals what we need to know - period.

So the story of Adam and Eve may not have happened literally as it is written in Genesis, but it is a story of first man and first woman in a symbolic version that we can understand.

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