So why isn't Faustina considered crazy?

What makes her visions so special? There are a lot of people that see Jesus and visions of hell. They are in psych wards though or on heavy hallucinogens. So why is Faustina a saint instead of being labelled insane? And if she isn’t insane, why aren’t all visions of Jesus and hell considered on the same level? What makes her special?

I feel as though I am probably one of the only people on this board, if not THE only person on this board that has done enough hallucinogens at one time to basically recreate a NDE. I have taken a large amount of LSD (much larger than I intended to) and has smoked salvia extract multiple times (which is extremely powerful but only lasts for 5 minutes) and both times I went to a world unlike that of our own. A couple things stick out from these experiences.

First of all there was a feeling that this would never end…this is just how things were now and I didn’t know how it happened, but life was not like it used to be. It was extremely interesting to say the least. I believe that NDE are extremely similar to these experiences…it is just your brain trying to cope with extreme trauma.

As for Faustina, I think she was likely a delusional schizophrenic. Her works were banned by the pope for at least 20 years. I just don’t see how her visions are any more valid than any person having similar visions in a psych ward. Can someone enlighten me?
being dead for 3 days like this man was in the link above, is different than the experience you had.

Oh I know NDE’s are different than the experiences I have had, but until you have an experience like myself you really don’t know what the mind is capable of.

As for someone being dead for 3 days, that isn’t possible…unless it was Jesus :thumbsup:

If you haven’t already read the diary. Then understand why her diary was suppressed.

Thats fine, but what makes her different than people in psych wards that claim to see Jesus or hell or something like that?

Because Rome said so. Enough said.

if your so sure why not contact his doctor who is now a priest:thumbsup:

What a horrible response. So without Rome’s approval she would have been just another crazy. Rome should start looking for saints in psych wards.

Well he wasn’t actually dead…he was just living off of machines. It is different.

There are three possibilities for visions, locutions, etc:

(a) Supernatural heavenly origin
(b) Supernatural demonic origin
© Natural origin (i.e., not a real vision)

The Church carefully studies any person claiming to be receiving visions or locutionsl. They study the person, their life, the content of the visions/messages, etc.

This is a lengthy and thorough process. During that time, it is typical for the events to be supressed-- the person is not to talk about them publicly, etc. That is to ensure none of the faithful are led astray.

If, after thorough research, the Church finds these visions/messages worthy of belief they will declare them so. This is rare. Many, many people make claims of this nature and most are condemned as false or demonic in origin.

It is **inappropriate **to make statements that St. Faustina was “crazy” or a schizophrenic. She is a canonized Saint of the Church. Pope John Paul II declared the Sunday after Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is an official devotional of the Church as is the Divine Mercy painting.

No Catholic is required to believe in private revelation or to read about them, etc. However, Divine Mercy is now a feast day of the Church, which elevates it beyond simply a private devotion.

again no he was dead not living off machines

No, without Rome she would not be canonized a Saint and we would not have the Divine Mercy devotion in the treasury of the Church.

Her visions would be no less authentic.

Those having inauthentic visions cannot withstand the scrutiny of an investigation. It becomes readily apparent that their visions are not supernatural in origin.

1ke just want to correct 1 thing “Supernatural demonic origin” is not correct its petrenatural when talking about demonic. thats why if the church gives a ruling about a visionary not being considered supernatural people get confused in to thinking that the church just doesn’t believe anything unusual happened when in fact they are saying this is probably from the devil. no offence intended to you

No he wasn’t. Did you even read the link you sent me? Do you think they keep dead people in hospital beds? He would probably be in the ground after being dead for 3 days. He was on machines. He didn’t wake up in the morgue, he woke up in a hospital bed, because he was living off of machines.

actually no i read it a while back and just googled a link this is different from the one i read appologies

This is from the article itself…
***During the three days of coma *it had been established that he was clinically dead, but as he was to reveal later he was very much alive. ******

Sad to say, I work (or should say worked…for now…am unemployed at the moment )with patients that are pretty much believed to be brain dead, and they are on vents, dialysis machines, cardio meds, the whole 9.

If they are a full code, we have to do EVERYTHING. When they have no pulse and the heart stops beating, after attempts at resuscitation, they are declared dead.

Seems to me that this man was CLINICALLY dead. There’s a difference. The machines kept him alive.
Just sayin’

I’m not discounting any experience he may have had. I would not doubt it at all

As to the other woman you are discussing…hum. I wondered myself if they (the saints) were looked at through the eyes of modern medicine, would the RC church have come to the same conclusion? I’d venture to say a few of the people suffered from TLE, mental illness, etc.

I mean no disrespect, mind…just tossing that out there for thought…

From the little research I did apparently her fellow nuns and others around her at the time thought she was crazy.

Have you read her diary? Wanna borrow my copy?

That’s not true. Neither did her confessor nor her superiors.

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