So, wives, about your DH and his Dr


The other thread got me thinking.
So, here ya go!

For the wives out there, would it bother you if your DH were to
have a female Dr? Not just a family physician, but say a urologist, or other, more ‘intimate’ doctor?
Would this be a problem, why or why not?
Would you object?


I wouldn’t object, but as I practically had to beat my DH to get him to the office door the one time he needed to go see a urologist, and that was a guy, I am pretty sure he would never see a female one. :wink:


Good heavens, no. If my husband would go willingly to a doctor, she can be Pamela Anderson and I’d be THRILLED.


It doesn’t bother me at all. DH had a real problem the last time I was with him at the doctor’s and I’m sure he would have preferred a male doctor.

He had a perianal abscess. It is as yucky as it sounds and you can imagine the location.

The ER doctor who bounded in was all of about 27, with a cute curled blond ponytail. She looked like a 16 year old cheerleader who had dressed as a doctor for Halloween. As she pressed and prodded on DH’s hiney, it was all I could do not to burst out laughing (although DH was in a lot of pain so of course I didn’t actually laugh.)


Ha ha ha ha ha! I know what you meant, but the idea of an “intimate” doctor is just too hilarious. I don’t think a woman would think of “going there” with her doctor if they were the last two people on earth! Eeeeew…


I’d want one! (smaller finger(s) for the uh… you know… prostate “check”)

It doesn’t matter, male or female. When a Doc is in the exam room you’ve been reduced to the organs in question - not the person possessing them.

The difficulty comes in the “after-exam” discussion, when you’re back to being a person…:stuck_out_tongue:


Glad I gave you a laugh, Cecilia!
Chovy, that is a hoot, I’d have a hard time keeping
quiet too.

You’re right Jay, it’s the ‘after’ that’s awkward.
Hmmmm, that didn’t sound right, either…


Are you sure about this? No offense intended to Pamela Anderson, but I doubt she is qualified to practice medicine. She may be sufficiently experienced to recommend some good plastic surgeons.


I second that! As long as he goes to the Dr - who cares!!


My fiance has a history of early prostate cancer in his family. He went to a female doctor, to get the whole turn your head and cough routine. He was a little unsure of having a woman’s fingers there.

She told him to raise his hand and hold up his index and middle finger. She then did the same and said would you rather have your size fingers up there or mine?

He laughed and said definetly yours.

I couldn’t care less who he sees so long as he goes.


I wouldn’t object…and my husband didn’t object when I saw male doctors…they delivered both of my kids. I will say that I personally feel more comfortable with a woman, as there are many questions I have now being in my 30’s, hormone changes, etc…that I like getting a female dr’s perspective over a man’s.


I complained to my doc about the size of his fingers and semi-jokingly asked about getting the female in his practice to do the prostate exam. He called her in, held his hand next to hers and told me to take my pick. She had very long fingernails, so that was the end of that bright idea.


Oh the poor man!!! My husband would likely be mortified ( male pride and all that.)

I couldn’t care less whether he saw a male or female physician, though. There are relatively few women practicing urology here, though, so the chances of that are slim. He has a nice, fatherly internist who handles pretty much everything, much as dh hates going ever.


Just to derail a bit…

It’s just so nice to read about people with options. When one arrives at a new post in the Army, they’re assigned a dr. Take what you get and don’t throw a fit('cause you can’t). And if you actually do request a new doc, then it’s like moving earth…

anyway, just a glimpse of what socialized medicine might be like.


I’d feel far more comfortable having my husband naked in front of a female physician than clothed and traveling with a female business associate any day.


I second that!! :thumbsup:


I would be happy he’d be going …period. Male…female…matters not.



I have no objection…but my husband avoids female drs like the plague :wink:


I wouldn’t have been able to contain myself. :smiley:


I had ample opportunity to laugh at him later that night/early am. He had 3 iv’s of painkillers and was completely looped. It was about 4 am and we were at the Walgreens to get his prescriptions on a busy street out of town. I told him that under no circumstances was he to get out of the car as I couldn’t imagine trying to chase him down the street or try to deal with him in the store in his drugged state. Besides, he needed the rest.

Sure enough, I’m at the pharmacy counter and I hear from across the store. “ANNIE!!! ANNIEEE!! I know I wasn’t supposed to get out of the car but I did anyway because you told me not to and now this alarm is going off and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do to turn it off!!!” I still laugh about that one.:slight_smile:

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