'So You Think You Can Preach'

A trailer for the controversial new reality show “So You Think You Can Preach,” where hundreds of lay preachers are already clamoring for the opportunity to become “the next T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Eddie Long, Joel Osteen, or Joyce Meyer,” is now making waves online with some critics dismissing it as “mockery,” a “joke,” “wickedness,” or “vile vine.”

Hundreds of would-be preachers, however, see the show as a godsend.
Less than two weeks since The Christian Post first reported that more than 1,000 lay preachers had already signed up for a chance to win $25,000, a new car and a lifetime opening at the pulpit of at least two unnamed megachurches, several of these would-be contestants reached out to this reporter [CP is not sponsoring, promoting nor producing this show] seeking to throw their hat in the ring and unleash God’s call on their lives.

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So , they are effectively auditioning to be a preacher, this is a mockery.


I’m speechless.

Umm…wait, what…?? :eek:

Actually in independent churches the prospective pastor does ‘audition’ in one sense of the word in front of the congregation. Who can reject you for a variety of reasons from, “your sermon was lousy” to “we don’t like your suit”. On the other hand, they can accept you because “nobody else wants to come to this godforsaken church in the middle of nowhere”. :smiley:

You are spot on. I came to Catholicism via Lutheran and Episcopal background. The success or failure of a particular church was quite often based on the man waving his arms behind the pulpit, vastly diminishing the role of the divine.

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