So you think you have a problem with gluttony?

The above link will take you to a reasoned and light-hearted teaching on gluttony and its evils.
At small taste:

You couldn’t hope to find food that delicious even in a world-class restaurant—roasted russet potatoes with olive oil and oregano, yards and yards of lasagna, and a pork tenderloin so delicious that PETA would have gladly given up their nonsense for a plateful of my grandmother’s sausages and meatballs.

This isn’t gluttony though.

Obesity 99%


Or sloth

Or a combo…

Period. IMO

I know I know “that isn’t nice,we all need a trophy…”

I am overweight and sadly by the standards of the day I am not particularly viewed as such… which is worse because it demotivates me since the bar for attracting women is set so low :confused: Ice Cream and napping and I still get chicks? Woot woot :frowning: really though I should be am awesome testament to glorify God in my ebtire life… including my image O.o

Try self-discipline and stick to it. Make the sacrifice out of love for yourself by offering Jesus yourself with a healthier wrapper. Perhaps you will attract that virtuous woman you desire.

Italian food is delicious and healthy, but the scourge that is obesity has also begun to reach Italy, unfortunately. We spend about 4 or 5 months a year there, and last visit I noticed many overweight children and teenagers, in a part of the country where people are generally small and slim (semi-rural central Italy).

I mentioned it to a health professional I know there, and she said that eating habits were changing rapidly (in a bad way). The dreadful generic fast food places are beginning to appear - you’d have to travel miles and miles to find a burger place a few years ago, fast food there was always freshly-made pizza slices (and not like pizza we get in the UK - theirs has very little or even no cheese, a very thin, cracker-like base and lots of tomato and vegetable toppings).

In our part of central Italy, the local signature dish has always been a type of fish and vegetable stew, made with dry salted fish which are stacked up in baskets in the shops like loaves of bread. Not my personal cup of tea, but very healthy and nutritious - and so very different from fast food!

I sincerely hope the Italians wake up and get on top of the obesity problem before it’s too late.

Obesity can just be genetic, you know. St. Thomas was overweight, yet he probably fasted greatly and probably never committed gluttony [But IDK how much exercise you got in a 13th century Dominican Friary :D]

Who owns the fast food chains? A fitness corporation? Hey, gotta generate customers :slight_smile:

Yes I have a problem with gluttony, and a good way to 3x/day, only until one is satisfied, and afterwards, nothing else. Don’t undereat, but don’t overeat, sounds simple, but for some reason is difficult. This is the sin of developed countries

Fast food joints are the real problem, If more people knew how dangerous they actually were, they would not be given licenses to open, its far to easy in society today to be gluttonous, but I dont think that is coincidence either!

When I was in my early 20s (23 years ago), an extra large soda was a 32 oz cup…today, extra large is a 52 oz cup, this says it all imo. I just wonder what X-large is going to be in another 20 yrs…72oz? Oddly though, they are the same price or even cheaper than 23 yrs ago??? I remember paying roughly $1.30 for a 32oz soda yrs ago, but nowadays, the 52 oz soda is .84 cents in most gas stations/ convenience stores.

Since when did products go down in price over 2 decades, unless they want to encourage more people to drink more?

I disagree with your premise. Our lack of self-discipline, self-denial is the problem. The fast food places multiply like cockroaches at the city dump because we buy. We buy. They sell. We buy more. They are happy to oblige.

I do not frequent these places on a regular basis; I eat there for a special occasion or due to practical necessity like when I am on the road and no place else to eat. Then I order with abandon - calories be damned.

Who does not know? School kids have this info crammed into their heads for twelve years of schooling. Rather, who could not know?

Sloth my friend.

I can eat a decent amount without being particularly fat. But I know those who can eat double me and be half the size… and need weight gain drinks to not be a stick.

Then there are those who must eat half me.

We are all individuals, obesity is a failure or your personal lot in life, not a disorder.

You can not, repeat can not be obese unless you take in more than you use PERIOD!

“It isn’t fair because you cant eat what I can”???

It isn’t fair that I can’t eat as much as beanpole over there… but that is the hand I am dealt.

Sloth/gluttony period. Excuses are excuses, nothing more.

Sure I know some great people who are obese including saintly tyoes. I pressume they are not hellbound for their difficulty with doughnuts… heck if all gluttony and sloth are hellbound so am I without a doubt.

But when I am sitting here with a flab belly I am not making excuses…

I eat more deliciousness than I burn PERIOD!

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