So your 10 year old niece asks you: "Why can't big girls be priests?"

So your 10 year old niece asks you: “Why can’t big girls be priests?”

How do you respond?

Ask your niece:

“Why can’t men have babies”?


That’s what popped into my head when I read the post :rotfl:


I would respond to a 10 year old with …

Jesus did not select (ordain) any women. He selected all of his apostles, and none were women.And no one, including the pope, has the power to change the plans of the Church that Christ set up.The priest acts in the person Christ, the Church has no power to give the sacrament on those who are unable to act in the place of the male Jesus Christ.

There is a physical reason why a man can’t have a baby.

What is the physical, or mental reason why a woman can not peform the duties of a priest (apart from Tradition).


"Well, human beings have been around for a very long time. And for as long as we have been around, there have been all sorts of strange ideas that people have come up with about whole groups of other people. I don’t know if you heard of them at school, but it’s called ‘prejudice.’ It’s when someone is ‘judged’ badly based on something that doesn’t really matter all that much. One example of this strange idea was that women aren’t as good as men at certain things. Did you know that the Bible says that women shouldn’t speak publicly in a Church and that they ought to be subordinate to men? Isn’t that silly?

“That’s why women weren’t able to be priests. But since your Aunt was born, though, things have really changed and people are thinking differently. The Church is very slow to change, though, but don’t worry. They’ll come to realize what the rest of the world has already realized: Women are just as capable as men to do whatever we want, and someday the Church will realize that too.”

Why can’t big boys have babies? (I’m leaving out Oprah :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Even Jesus’ mother couldn’t be a priest.

Yes another prime example of how free thinkers mean “think like me.” The conservatives want that too: they’re just honest enough to say so.

So Exalt, why can’t men have babies?

Apart from Tradition, there is no priesthood. Just ask the Protestants.

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Hi Lepanto,

Don’t involve her in theological discussions. Just tell her that Jesus was a man, and that a priest should be like Jesus as much as possible.

Then you can talk about the role of women in the Bible and the Church. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who was born without sin, the only human to do so, Mary Magdalen the first one to see Jesus resurrected. All the great saints who were women, including Mother Seaton. There is no need to instill an inferiority complex. Women are part and parcel of the story of salvation and the mission of the Church.

What do you think?



, Mary Magdalen the first one to see Jesus resurrected. All the great saints who were women, including Mother Seaton. There is no need to instill an inferiority complex. Women are part and parcel of the story of salvation and the mission of the Church.

What do you think?


And I’d add, the Church is a girl.

Yaar Id be tellinher that Capn Jesus said so, and He beinCapn of this ship makes tha rules.


Because Jesus is a male.


There is a physical reason why women can’t be priests. They aren’t men. Ontologically, priests have to be fathers.

Does that mean female :tsktsk:?

In today’s world, with the wolves prowling about crying “sexist” and “chauvinist” this type of answer not only ill equips the youth to defend the Faith, but plays into the hands of the enemies thereof.

Jesus was Hebrew, most priests aren’t.
Jesus had a beard, most priests don’t.
Jesus spoke Aramaic, most priest can’t.

The focus will have to be on something simple, yet pointed, that the sexes have different roles. The issue of who can have babies, and the idea of the IC, if you believe it, are better tools.

“Why can’t I fly?”

The answer is the same—“Because God didn’t will it so.”

Oh sheesh…I was afraid someone would post something like this. Seems like I can’t ask a simple question without having to put in 100 qualifiers to keep others from taking the thread off topic. :rolleyes:

OK, here’s the BIG qualifier for this thread: the presupposition is that the Church’s position on the matter is true (the male-only priesthood) and will never change.

If you wish to debate for female ordination, please start your own thread. Thank you!

actually our daughters did ask, and about at that age, and we get the question most years in CCD, answer is always the same:
for the same reason women can’t be daddies and men can’t be mommies, God made us male and female, He made us that way because we each have different, but complementary roles to play in carrying out His plan on Earth, and part of that plan includes men He sets apart and calls to become priests. Because Jesus chose only men to be apostles–the first priests–we follow his rule and still today only men may be priests. Some women God calls to be mothers, some to be religious sisters, and some to do other work for Him.

God made men and women, and He made them equal in soul but not equal --or interchangeable–in role, or anything else.

I’m sure you know that all the girls in your class are very ‘unequal’ in all sorts of things. Nobody expects them all to have the same talents and abilities, or even when you have several girls who are all really good at one particular thing, to have them be ‘equally good’ in that thing. It’s the same with the boys. And not ‘every’ boy is ‘able’ to be a priest. Being a priest is not like choosing a ‘career’ (in fact, the average man or woman will have several quite ‘different’ careers in his or her lifetime). Priesthood is different. It is for keeps. It is also a vocation or a calling. God calls men–some answer, and some do not–to be priests.

God does not call women to be priests. It isn’t because women are not as smart, or strong, or capable, as men. They are. There are many reasons, some of which are very complicated even for ‘big girls or boys’ to understand. Especially in a ‘modern’ society in which people think that they know more than God, are more '‘fair’ than God, more ‘wise’ than God.

One reason that was given to me --and it is not an ‘official’ reason but it makes sense–is that women are more caring to begin with. Women are instinctively more comfortable (mostly–there are always exceptions of course) in putting other people ‘first’, in being ‘nuturing’. It’s part of the ‘maternal’ that is a part of women even when they do not have children of their own.

For a man to be more caring, for a man to ‘put others first’, for a man to be the servant of others, to be HUMBLE. . .which is what a priest is and MUST be–is therefore much harder for most men, who are instinctively more comfortable (again there are always exceptions) in being ‘in charge’, in being ‘active’.

So when God calls men to be priests, and those special men step forth, they are working much harder to conquer their innate tendencies which are NOT to be humble, and nurturing and caring. It makes the sacrifice–and being a priest is definitely about SACRIFICE, not about POWER as so many falsely believe–more meaningful. And it is indeed, in the man making himself humble for others, paradoxically turning out to be more beneficial not for just this man, but for ALL men.

Wow, I can understand wanting to have people post on this forum who agree that women shouldn’t be priests - but people who believe that this can’t ever change? You know, pretty much everything else in the whole universe changes, except for a very small number of exceptions.

I mean, the total amount of energy in the universe doesn’t change. That’s one big exception. I’m sure there are other exceptions to this rule of “things change,” but I sure can’t think of one. I’ll be sure to look up a few scientists and let them all know that we now have a new physical principle: The fact that women won’t ever be ordained as priests won’t change. Ever.

And, on that note, I’ll let you figure out how to explain this instance of sexism to your niece. Good luck! I’m sure she’ll profoundly disagree with you in a decade or so anyway.

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