Sochi mayor: There are no gays in Olympic host city


Homosexuals are welcome in Sochi for the Olympics, says Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov, who added, “We do not have them in our city.”


Now we know where all of those poor souls who believe you can “catch” gayness can move without fear! On top of everything, they can vote for Putin who believes just as they do without worrying about another candidate winning the election! LOL!:eek:


I don’t understand why he would say that considering that the article says there are gay clubs in Sochi.

That said, I sincerely hope that none of the athletes try to do something provocative like displaying a gay pride flag at the end of a race or something. I say this because if they did that then it is possible that Russia could punish them. I have no idea whether or not Russia would actually do that. I kind of doubt that they would considering that this is an international event and everything and there would be an enormous outcry over such a thing but anyway.


He needs to worry more about lack of preparedness for the games coming up. I’m hoping these games are a disaster so next time the Olympics will host the games in a locale with the climate and infrastructure to host the games rather than selling to the highest bidder.


I’m just happy he isn’t turning the Olympics into a political statement like some people.


You know the saying when in Rome you do what the Romans do,
if you go to Saudi Arabia you don’t go around with your skirt up to your knee and nothing on your head, well you can try it, BUT you have to be prepared for the fall out, the same with Gays if put up Displays after the Game, say and do nothing that offends is the best motto not only in Russia but obey the Laws of the Country, show respect.


I hope and pray that they will be a great success ,and be a benefit to Russia and Russians . You should be careful of wishing disaster on people ,very careful.


What an insulting comment to make about the Russian nation and it’s people.


I do hope whatever happens is a benefit to the Russian people. I just happen to think it would be beneficial for people everywhere if governments stopped sinking money into buying and hosting these events.


Haha, I’m reminded of an Irish girl I dated years ago that tried to convince me there were no gay people in Ireland.


You should never wish evil on another person. The Bible tell us to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are evil called to love and pray for our enemies.


If the failure of the Olympics exposes corruption and embarrasses Putin I’d consider that a giant plus. And it would be anything but a great evil for Russia and its people.


Figure skating is still a winter Olympic sport, correct?

Yeah right, Mr. Mayor.


There are no homosexuals in Iran either.
Of course the homosexuals that don’t exist in Iran end up swinging from a gallows. That might have a lot to do with the reason that they don’t exist there.
Western liberals don’t seem to have a problem with that in Iran though.


From what I understand about Ireland, the countryside used to be filled with all sorts of leprechauns and the like, but it was the English invasion that drove all the fairies out.


She might have meant happy. :shrug:



I could honestly see one of or athletes doing that, and its very possible they could get in trouble, but I doubt we would ever hear about it, that athlete would just mysteriously disappear off the face of the earth…Russia’s KGB is extremely good at this!


While I understand why a foreign gay athlete might feel the temptation to do such a thing, I hope they won’t. I don’t think such an action would put them in danger. But I do think the protest would backfire.

Why is that? First, the Russian leaders who exploit anti-gay feelings would be able to point to such things and say: “Look, here is actual homosexual propaganda. There is even worse forms in the West. Aren’t you glad we are protecting your children?”

Second, by not prosecuting the athletes (or entourage) who violate Russian law, Putin and other leaders would claim to be tolerant and patient in the face of such an insulting display. They would say that such brazen criminality violates the spirit of the Olympics, and are an insult to the host country, However, out of magnanimity, and extreme patience, Russia would endure such things, because they are a polite and welcoming host country.

If any foreign athlete or person attending the Olympics does stage a protest, it will not make life better for Russian gays and lesbians. The protest might even make things worse,


Also, it is highly unlikely that such a “protest” would make it on air. A network that broadcast such a thing would find itself in violation of Russian law and be “invited” to pack up their cameras and go home.


Ain’t Russia grand! :rolleyes:

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